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LDML - Cool engine, try it out!

by Tosic - Mini LD 51 Entry

Hey, here am I again, really didnt hope Ill do anything for tool jam, but I did: you click run, move with wasd attack with q, Ill work on it!
If it has any errors or bugs, please let me know! :DDDDD
Also, I might get boring with this, but please be mild, cause I am an 11 - year old! Now with Publishing! OK, I didnt make myself clear, but Ill explain: You have the release folder, open it, you shall see LDML and LDML Player open LDML first ( because I kinda think you first need to make the game before you play it! ), you will have buttons which will say you what to do, you can run the game, but remember: BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING WRITE IN THE TEXTBOX UNDER THE BUTTON "SAVE" THE NAME OF YOUR PROJECT AND DO NOT SCALE THE WINDOW IN ANY WAY ( I MEAN BOTH THE PLAYING PART AND THE DEVELOPING PART, ALSO DONT SCALE THE LDML PLAYER! )!!!
PS: If you download the engine, please, please, please, please, please, comment it! Thanks :D! Also if you are publishing projects made with this, all players must place them in C:/Users/Your User or it wont work, if you have got any questions, please ask me!

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