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SoLoud Audio Engine

by sol_hsa - Mini LD 51 Entry

Sure it's been under construction for around 10 months, but it's very LD-ish. Features built-in SFXR and a speech synth, along with tons of other features. All for the price of free.

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muramasa says ...
May 23, 2014 @ 6:00am

Nice price tag, that's something I can tell for sure.

It's pretty rad, I must say. I love the features. I've seen the catch though, but even with these things into account, it's a great free alternative to FMod and the such (also I don't like FMod, I've had bad experiences with it).

I hope this gets developed even more!

sol_hsa says ...
May 23, 2014 @ 2:16pm

(Just in case someone whines, I did ask before submitting: )

sol_hsa says ...
May 23, 2014 @ 2:16pm

..and yes, it's being actively developed.

mons657 says ...
May 25, 2014 @ 2:15pm


dylanigan says ...
May 26, 2014 @ 11:01am

Did you ever think about doing it for other languages? It's still pretty cool but python support would be awesome!

sol_hsa says ...
May 26, 2014 @ 4:56pm

SoLoud has a "C" API .dll which can be used from other languages. I'm also planning on making a tool that makes generating glue libraries easier.

sol_hsa says ...
Jun 2, 2014 @ 6:02pm

Whee, first tests with the generated python worked =)

sol_hsa says ...
Jun 2, 2014 @ 6:02pm

generated python wrapper, even.

sol_hsa says ...
Jun 3, 2014 @ 7:27pm

Now the generated python wrapper also generates oop form, so using it from python "feels" more natural.

Want your language/environment to be supported? Email me.

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