Theme: Demakes – hosted by ratking – March 2014

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by hissssssssss - Mini LD 50 Entry

Vertigo is a slightly buggy Gravity Rush demake! Collect purple gems to increase your gravity power. With enough gravity power, you'll be able to escape the level.


A = Jump
SPACE = Freeze/Restore Gravity
Arrow Keys while Frozen = Fall in that direction

A new, better version of Vertigo!
-Less sensitive spike collision!
-A non-placeholder character sprite!
-Fancy sparkle effect!
-The level has walls filled in this time!
-Annoying SFX!
-Nearly 15 seconds of music!

There is still one known bug: respawning after dying sometimes places you somewhere you shouldn't be. I haven't been able to reliably duplicate it so I haven't fixed it yet. Sorry.

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