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Skyray (Skyrim Demake)

by deathray - Mini LD 50 Entry

The ancient Primeval Codex, Volume V, spoke of an ex-con who would somehow escape imprisonment and arrive in the lands of Skyray. Will the ex-con become the next hero, befitting his dragon blood? Or will he just run around killing people?

This game isn't finished and has no end game, but there are plenty of flat, snowy lands for you to "explore".

Keyboard commands:
- 'a', 'd' or arrows to move
- 's' or down arrow to activate stealth
- 'q' and 'e' to attack
- [ ] to resize window
- + - to zoom
- esc for start menu

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mrexcessive says ...
Mar 24, 2014 @ 11:48am

Nice looking, appreciate the menus etc and tips as well as the game itself. Couldn't get past dying at first mob though... I'm putting that down to my badness at dodging. Couldn't see health bars for mob?

deathray says ...
Mar 24, 2014 @ 1:29pm

There aren't any health bars for the mobs, but they have the same health as you, so they are quite difficult until you get used to the combat. Hint: Use sneaking to add a multiplier to your attacks.

NightShadow0 says ...
Mar 24, 2014 @ 8:05pm

Nice work, the control scheme is pretty interesting. Is the character supposed to grow bigger if you click on one of the menu options?

IAmSpencer says ...
Mar 25, 2014 @ 1:43am

Nice, good colors, nice graphics, I'm actually pretty interested in future developments, good job, you got yourself another follower on twitter :)

DrCicero says ...
Mar 27, 2014 @ 6:49pm

Clicking RESUME dead leads to many message boxes (bug) and in the beginning there were too many tutorial boxes - i could not take all the information at once. Maybe shorten them by saying:
[Move with A and D, sneak with S, attack with Q and E, open menu with ESC and interact with objects by clicking. Or Use your mouse for everything.]

The left/right attack looks so much like dancing :D ! You should make another PIXEL SKYRIM DANCING game with this sprite. :)

deathray says ...
Mar 28, 2014 @ 3:19am

Haha. @DrCicero - It does look like dancing - kung-fu dancing. I am aware of the 'resume' bug. I'll also try to find a way to delay the intro messages.
@NightShadow0 - It does zoom in a bit during menus.
@mrexcessive - I added opponent health bars but you have to click on the person to see it at the top.

Apr 6, 2014 @ 8:07pm

(review of the post-compo version)

Looks good, especially the background and the logo at the start. The concept is great, the control system is good, and I love the description of Raging Orc the Orc. However, the game feels a bit sparsely implemented, and I ran into a weird bug where the game would zoom in every time I tried talking to someone.

A finalised version would be cool.

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