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Flappy 101

by anachrocomputer - Mini LD 50 Entry

Running on a 34-year-old Compukit UK101, this is my game for MiniLD#50. It's written in BASIC and 6502 assembler, with a loader in the BASIC program to get the machine code into the 101's RAM in an unused area ($0228-$02FF). I needed the assembler to get the game to go fast enough, even on my 2MHz UK101. There's an emulator on SourceForge, in Java and another at, in JavaScript that will run in the browser:


(Hit the space bar after loading the program from the emulated cassette, to get control back to the keyboard -- just like the real UK101. All commands must be in upper case: LOAD, RUN, LIST, etc.)

I've put a couple of videos on YouTube which show the game in-progress. There's another with a load and run of the finished game.

The 'flappy101.tgz' file contains BASIC and assembler sources, plus a small C program that generates the loader as a BASIC subroutine. There's also a WAV file, generated by the emulator, that represents the 300 baud cassette tape version. If you get that to load into a real UK101, let me know!

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