Theme: Non-Human Player – hosted by Cell – February 2014

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by Fatal1ty X64 - Mini LD 49 Entry

When I was thinking of what I could possibly make that would fit into the choice of "non-human", I thought of a couple different things:
- Vampire
- Poodle
- Alien Vampire Poodle (AVP for short)

Then I thought, why does the player have to be a 'living' creature? Why not have the player be an inanimate object? Like a computer. Why not take it even further and switch the roles? Have the player doing things for the computer?

Here's my attempt:
- You are a brand new computer
- Your user is seeing you for the first time
- Make a good impression

Should play it any webkit browser (like Chrome & Safari)
- No Internet connection required
- launch the game by loading "index.html" from thedownloaded zip file.
- Pure Vanila JS, all files required are included.

Have a great day ;)


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