Theme: Non-Human Player – hosted by Cell – February 2014

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by joppiesaus - Mini LD 49 Entry

Made with the XNA Framework in C#

Here's the ReadMe.txt:
* Super-Drive OVERCLOCK ReadMe.txt *
* (I don't know why I do this *
* but it's always on ReadMes so *
* now too) *

=== THE STORY ===
You are a DVD/CD-ROM Driver laser.
Your task is to read all the data from
the disk as long as possible. You can
miss 3 times. If you miss more than that,
the computer will crash. But the driver
is hacked & overclocked by the user.

How long can you read data from the disc?

=== CONTROLS ===
- Arrowkey-up: Move the laser up
- Arrowkey-down: Move the laser down
- Escape: Exit

=== WARNINGS ===
- May cause hallucinogenic effects. I am
serious! I played it 10 minutes, after
that I looked away from te screen and
everyhting was moving to the right...
or left? I don't know!

- Do not wash bellow 60 degrees Celcius,
it'll cause problems!

License: Public domain

=== OTHER ===
The source code is probably here:

Also, the number under your score is the max
value of the bits you collected(score)

=== THANKS ===
To the guy who helped with the art and
tested it, and the LD'er Natanijel for
the name!

Have fun!
- joppieaus

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Randompigs says ...
Feb 22, 2014 @ 10:25pm

I like this. Its very simple, but very fun. I also love the error message.

rigg.travis says ...
Feb 23, 2014 @ 4:46am

I had way more fun playing this than I really should have. Which is actually a phrasing that I really hate because it dictates that there is a prescribed amount of fun that is the correct amount of fun. The proper phrasing would be "I did not expect this to be fun. In reality, it is more fun than ******* a **** in a ****** full of ********.

Maghzz says ...
Feb 23, 2014 @ 4:47am

The concept is simple and the game play is absolutely addicting. I found myself constantly trying to get a higher and higher score. As well your method of creating a non-human player was definitely an angle I had not thought of, awesome work!

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