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Protectors of the World Tree

by Tifu - 7dRTS / Mini LD 44 Entry

Protectors of the World Tree is an RTS, 1 player v AI opponent only. You must summon elves to protect the mystical world tree from an invasion of orcs. Gather resources (food, wood and stones) to build housing, farms, enhancements and procure more elves, but be careful how you harvest these resources, as if you are too greedy the forest will be angry with you too. Treat the forest with kindness and you will be rewarded with magic!

Comes with six levels and a map editor. I wasn't able to make a campaign with level difficulty flow, but a good level to start on I think is "The River".

Game uses mouse for all commands (left click to select a unit or an option, right click to deselect a unit). Arrow keys scroll the map. You can also click on the minimap to zoom to a specific part of the map.

General tactics:
You should always start by building a treehouse so you can recruit more elves. Move your starting worker to any tree except the world tree (the kind of blue one) and you can select to build a treehouse. You can then recruit more worker elves to gather food, stone and wood. Once you have these basics, you can build more treehouses, a bakery (don't build more than one, they don't stack) and other improvements and start buying fighting units to defend your base and to attack the orcs.

If the orcs cut down the World Tree, you lose. If you destroy every orc, you win.

Hope this works fine, there are a lot of AI routines going on, probably not in the most efficient ways, but I tried to keep them short (which does mean creating maze-like levels will just confuse the AI unforunately - they have a range of about 40 squares)

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Orava says ...
Aug 4, 2013 @ 4:23am

Could use a multi-select (unless I missed it), other than that it is very much a solid RTS indeed.

Danex317 says ...
Aug 7, 2013 @ 12:53pm

I wasn't able to build anything. I built a single treehouse but my second worker wouldn't do anything after that.

Tifu says ...
Aug 8, 2013 @ 11:34am

Did you have enough resources? They have to gather wood and stones to build most things after the first building.

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