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CaptureTheFlag - Mech Style

by perexp - 7dRTS / Mini LD 44 Entry

After 7 days of hard work, this is what I got: a small capture the flag game. The number of flags owned is proportional to the rate your points increase. The first player to reach the point limit wins. The points of each player is displayed as bars at the top right. Both players get resources at a fixed rate, regardless of the number of flags captured. Also, the more flags you have, the faster you can spew out units, if you have enough resources, since each flag can only produce one unit at a time. Half the cost of units you lost is refunded to each player (so battles never stall, only increase in intensity throughout the game). The game was meant to be a slow playing game that moved back and forth continually, but I'm afraid it may have ended up more like a small skirmish. Also, you will notice that once you join a game, your window will lose its frame. In case you need it back to move it around or close the game, simply press Esc to toggle the frame on and off.

I own none of the music/sound effects. Sounds were taken from other games and Background music by Nightwish (

I am sorry to say, you should expect bugs; I don't think I've ever been able to play a complete game without crashes.

The map parameters are editable (via notepad) but the map itself is randomly generated for now. AI can be very repetitive and may become overly passive on larger map sizes (its response is proportional to the approximately of events, and larger maps tend to have more spread out action).

Multiplayer was only tested over LAN.

Graphics all done via Java's built in Graphics, it's nothing fancy.

Overall, I am happy with my progress, but there were sooo many ideas I did not have a chance to implement :(. And I would have liked to post progress updates as I worked, but sadly, I didn't have enough time to spare. I learned a lot. And I ended up with cool UI/sound/networking libraries that I can use in future projects.

Unit descriptions:
Assault - main battle unit, slow, high life, powerful attack. Counter with Supports who can outrange and outmaneuver Assaults.
Swarm - fast, cheap battle unit, low life, low/fast attack. Counter with Riots whose fast attack makes it the only one capable of quickly eliminating swarms of Swarms.
Support - ranged, descent speed, average unit that fires rockets. Counter with swarms which are the only units that can chase down supports.
Riot - slow moving, fast firing, low damage unit. Cunter with Supports that can outrange and outmaneuver Riots.
Scout - special unit that has great range and can turn invisible when when not attacking. Try to keep protected.
Artillery - special unit with the greatest range and high area of damage.
Transport - a safe way to transport Swarms behind enemy lines. When it either dies or you click deploy, it will deploy 4 Swarms around itself. It is slightly slower than a Swarm, but whereas the swarms could be picked off by supports/scouts or exterminated by riots, the transport is much better armored.
Flags - used to spawn your other units. They regen health slowly, and when at full health, they can heal nearby units. Keep in mind, that if the flag is given a move or attack command, the units it spawns will inherit the commands.

OS/X and LINUX Note: the game has only been tested on Windows. However it's a jar, so I "think" it will work.

I hope you have fun, and I WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK!

Few bug fixes.
Title on login screen
Added 2 short videos of gameplay at:

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perexp says ...
Jul 29, 2013 @ 4:28pm

I just put up 2 short videos of gameplay at

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