MiniLD #42 – hosted by LegacyCrono – May 2013

Theme: Earth will be Destroyed

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Doom 2 Map: The Blood Summons

by 7Soul - Mini LD 42 Entry

I made a Doom 2 map :)
It has barely anything to do with the theme, so I'm glad this is a MiniLD

You are supposed to play it with the Brutal Doom mod ( since the map requires jumping and crouching (plus it makes it more awesome)

I made a zip with all files you need to play Brutal Doom (Doom 2 wad included).

-- How to play --

To play the map, select the brutal doom .pk3 and the map at the same time, and drag them into gzdoom.exe. Then you can click New Game and start as usual. All difficulties should be properly balanced.

There are six secrets, here are some clues to find them:
1. Shoot a button in an alley
2. Jump and kick to jump further
3. Check behind the computer
4. A hole opens and you see a brick wall
5. Suspicious metal wall
6. Remember a yellow door

Remember to save often! (to help you remember, save whenever you get teleported)
If you fall in the blood, there are teleporters scattered around to take you back.

Software used:
Doom Builder 2

Time spent:
22h19m over 4 days

Downloads and Links


Benjamin says ...
May 31, 2013 @ 1:18pm

I could start the game by dragging the two files and the map load + intro is ok but there's no monster or bonus in the level. Did I do something wrong ?

7Soul says ...
May 31, 2013 @ 6:42pm

@Benjamin: that was a last minute change I made that caused a bug... but it's fixed now

cardboard says ...
Jun 5, 2013 @ 8:02pm

That was incredibly fun. I want to play DOOM now. There was one jump that gave me some trouble, and I got killed by the giant devil, at the same spot as in your first screenshot actually, so I stopped playing. I might go back and beat the map later though. Good work.

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