MiniLD #42 – hosted by LegacyCrono – May 2013

Theme: Earth will be Destroyed

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The Ends of the Earth

by hitchh1k3r - Mini LD 42 Entry

Wow looking at the other entries I'm not even sure if I want to post this. Good work everyone.

My entry for MiniLD42 is "The Ends of the Earth" a tribute to Douglas Adams.
It's the first text based game I've made in years. I made it in about 15 hours over two days. The game isn't where I wanted it (that will become apparent if you play it through), but I lost my drive to keep working on it and decided to just start finishing it.
All in all it's not great, but it more or less a complete game. It's a text adventure inspired by the things I remember hearing/reading about Adams. I tried to make it somewhat similar to the Hitchhiker's Guide video game, but of course with it's own unique story.

I used:
Eclipse (IDE)
Java (Lanuage)
LWJGL (Library)
Slick-Util (Library Utilities)
MilyTracker (Music Making)
OpenOffice (Word Processor/Spell Checker)
Photoshop (Graphics Editor)

Keep in mind I'm not a writer... I'm sure there are dozens (or more) typos. It also crossed my mind (after I had started), that a lot of the audience might not speak English natively. The game does a lot of guess work for the "natural language processing" bit, and I apologize that playing the game may require a fluent understanding of English, but then again even that might not help.

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Vhillain says ...
May 27, 2013 @ 3:49pm

Is there a way to list commands and keywords?

hitchh1k3r says ...
May 27, 2013 @ 5:15pm

@Vhillain No, my idea was to try and make the gameplay feel conversational. So if you say things like "please help me" or "what can I do" it will deflect the questions.
I think you can beat the game using keywords like: "items" "check" "go" "follow" "use" "open", but I tried to make it respond to as many things as possible.

The gameplay really goes downhill after the first story though. I rushed the other "five," and didn't add a ton of gameplay or proofread the game text. I'd like to fix it but right now I'm burnt out on the game. :(

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