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Theme: Not-games or real time

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by Jedi - Mini LD Entry

This was a very inspirational theme! I'm using it as the springboard for the creation of a monster.

Alternet is a Not-Game that's meant to be a multi-user sandbox which gets updated in "Real-time." (Not counting server delays)

My lofty goal is to make a totally dynamic, infinite world that users can build from the inside-out. A living, breathing thing which will grow beyond my initial preconceptions of it.

You can add textured primitives to the world, and everyone else can see what you've added. By default, you'll get an URL for one of Wikimedia's pictures of the day. However, you can use any .png or .jpg from the internet. :)

You can build yourself a palace, make a maze, conjure a stairway to heaven, create a mosaical-sculpture, build a diorama - your imagination's the limit!

... until you find your imagination limited. When that happens, you have one more way to change the game from the inside out. You can press 'B' and leave me feedback. Unlike normal feedback left on the site, this feedback is totally anonymous, even to me (you can sign it if you want). This means we're not subject to the normal popularity contest that is LD feedback. Please be brutally honest on what keeps the game from reaching it's full potential. I won't know who said what, but I will be able to form the game, er, NOT-game according to the community's wishes.

The following features have already been added thanks to early feedback received on IRC - crouching, seeing other players, having other players move smoothly, being able to chat.

All of the controls are explained in-not-game, except for 'R', which will respawn you.

Just in case you miss them, though:
WASD, Space, Ctrl - The usual suspects ;)
t - type a chat message
e - bring up menu to add primitive
left click - place primitive
b - leave feedback
r - respawn
F10 - show FPS (at the bottom right)
F11 - Decrease quality level
F12 - Duh. Increase quality level

The following features are planned. Your feedback will help me to prioritize, expand upon, and implement them properly:
-Viewing of photo attributes & info
-Way more efficient server and client, particularly for the initial download
-Caching of world and images
-More streamlined, less cumbersome placement of primitives
-ability to fly (maybe an item?)
-less funky floor material
-console log of info / chat that pops up on the screen
-help screen
-let players add physics to objects, move and delete things
-let players add "signposts" with custom text
-add an in-not-game community Bulletin Board
-add limitations to creation / destruction & add concepts of items and trading
-add anything myself or others can think of to make the experience more continuous: i.e., What can make this still feel like a multi-user experience even though I'm the only one here at the moment?

THANK YOU WIKIMEDIA, AND EVERYONE WHO'S PICTURE GETS POSTED. I'm very, very, very sorry as to not have yet put in place the technical doohickies which will allow users to see proper attribution for each image. I have compiled such information, and making some way of conveying it to the user is my top priority at the moment.


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ratking says ...
Sep 27, 2012 @ 7:20am

A sandbox in its truest form - I love it. Somehow, it makes instantly interesting screenshots. :-)

I also like the feedback button, I think I will steal that for my next game. In TRI we used a link to SurveyMonkey, which had neat multiple choice questions and statistics, I guess one can do that easily in their own game.

ahm99 says ...
Sep 27, 2012 @ 5:21pm

That was fun :)
I really liked it.

SamoojaMies says ...
Sep 28, 2012 @ 4:08pm

unity webplayer crashes

Jedi says ...
Sep 28, 2012 @ 9:40pm

@ratking - Thanks! That's funny, I was thinking about stealing your idea of letting people upload custom .objs's. :P

@ahm99 - Thanks! :D

@SamoojaMies - Thanks for testing, I would really like some more detailed information, so I can fix this. Nobody else has said it crashes.
Did it become unresponsive, or did you actually see something come up and say "The Unity webplayer has crashed." It used to be unresponsive for a number of seconds while it was downloading textures but if you left it alone, it would start working again.

I uploaded a fix this morning, that makes the downloading much more efficient, so it shouldn't be that.
I just updated to the lastest version of Unity; maybe you need to update your web player?
What happens if you set the simultaneous texture downloads to "4"? What is your pc like? Windows? Mac? Modern? Old?????
I Need more info!!!!!

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