MiniLD #34, hosted by Sophie Houlden

Theme: Aspect

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by FatalCaca - Mini LD Entry

This is a vertical "remake" of pong. The goal is to make your opponent miss the ball to score points, etc.
The game is in 18*64px, with a very low dpi to get a decent visibility (it is almost not playable with a normal dpi).

I added "attacks" that you can use each time you send back the ball. Just hold the corresponding key and when the ball crosses the middle line, the ball changes its behavior depending of the attack selected(acceleration, invisibility, etc.) (see help.png for the commands)

The main menu is like this :
P - Play
O - Orientation (currently not functionnal)
S - Sound on/off
L - Score limit (+/- and left/right arrow for more precise setting)
E - Exit

Notes : I did this in C#/xna the last weekend, in like 16h.
The whole thing needs balancing. The ball behavior is sometime weird and the "attacks" are not balanced at all (for example a fast bouncing ball with a small angle but no attack is harder to catch than a left/right gravity ball, also invisible is *way* too powerful compared to the other)

So the stuff is functionnal but not balanced, I mostly wanted to see what a pong with this resolution would look like, and to see if it was possible to improve pong's gameplay. Hope this is still possibly enjoyable !

(some sounds from plasmapong, duck sound found on google, don't remember where exactly, rest by me)

PS : please excuse my crappy english, french one here :)

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