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Theme: Quantity vs Quality

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I have no name

by StephenJacob - Mini LD Entry

This is a preliminary submit , just in case I can't upload the final product in time .I'm sorry to those who don't have python/pygame and don't want to install it but I wasn't able to get the execs running.


Instructions :
Maze: Find your way out of the maze to the little red tile.

Bomb Catcher: Don't let the bombs fall on the floor or they'll explode !

Missile defender: Defend the human bases from the alien missiles .

Simon: Try to match the sequence of colors for as long as you can.

Dodge: Survive as long as you can, the red dots are lethal , the green ones give health .
You're the blue dot (hidden under the health display at the start of the game) .

The games are play with either the mouse or the wasd/arrow keys .

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