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    MiniLD 32

    MiniLD #32, hosted by Sos

    Theme: Quantity vs Quality

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    Adventures of Ghostie and Friends - kylerhoades - Mini LD Entry

    The Adventures of Ghostie and Friends is completely AWESOME in every way!

    Games included:
    Ghostie Plays Bullrush
    Ghostie Plays Minesweeper
    Ghostie Plays Soccer
    Ghostie Plays It Safe
    Too Many Zubats
    Catch Them Zubats
    Which Zubat Am I?
    Ghostie Goes To School
    Ghostie Crosses The River
    Feeding Time
    Feeding Time 2
    Survival Time
    Ghostie Defends The Kingdom
    Let's Defend The Kingdom Together
    Let's Play Soccer Together
    Zubat Cave Race
    Race Across The River
    How High Can You Get?
    Ghostie's Cave
    Let's Explore Ghostie's Cave Together
    Sorcerer Training: Lesson 1
    Sorcerer Training: Lesson 2
    Sorcerer Training: Lesson 3
    Sorcerer Training: Lesson 4
    Sorcerer Training: Lesson 5
    Wizard Battle
    Sorcerer's Challenge
    Ultimate Sorcerer's Challenge
    Ghostie Goes To Wizard Battle
    Ghostie Goes To Heaven

    Total Games: 30

    Created in 15 minutes or under: 18
    Multiplayer Games: 5
    Total Bonus Points: 19 (most of the multiplayer ones were created in under 15 minutes - no stacking)

    Grand Total: 49

    Controls: Arrow keys
    WASD for Player 2 in multiplayer games
    Any other controls are explained in game

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    kylerhoades says ...
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 12:53pm

    If anyone can beat the Ultimate Sorcerer's Challenge, I'll be super impressed. I've been trying to beat it for ages now. Nearly got it a few times.

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