MiniLD #31, hosted by The Grieve

Theme: Fear

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by Frib - Mini LD Entry

I only had a few hours to make this, so it's not finished by a long shot. But I wanted to submit it anyway. You'll need XNA.

Basically it's minesweeper, but with a twist. You must reach the water pump in the middle, or DIE.

When thinking about this MiniLD's theme, I was wondering what would work. Fear is a difficult theme, especially if you want to do it in 2D. I started thinking about (parts of) games which instilled the most fear in me. There were a few. The most notable for me were the stalker series. Even with quicksaving, my biggest 'fear' was dying. I didn't want to die. Ever. Often I failed, but that was ok. I was still very cautious, even after dying repeatedly. And even without dying, I often nope'd my way around. The underground labs, agroprom and red forest in SoC, and most of the Yanov station area in CoP, lots of nopeing. It was awesome.

There was one bit in particular which made me NOPE so hard, which took so much effort for me to get past, that it has to be my #1 fear-causing part in any game so far. It's the minefield in Call of Pripyat. It took me a good 10 minutes to get the courage to do the first few steps. I had to remove my headphones, and could barely watch as I carefully moved myself from pole to pole, trying to get across. Every step was terrifying. My fate was in MY hands, not of some enemy. I had no idea if following the poles would work. Finally, I made it across, and I didn't blow up. I did the thing, watched as lots of fleshes got blown to bits, and then carefully and without headphones walked back the same way, still afraid of tripping a mine.

I've probably played through it three times now, and I have NEVER triggered a mine. I KNOW how to get past it safely. I don't even know if you can blow up, or how much damage it does. Yet every time it comes up, I am afraid to cross it, afraid that I miss a pole and accidentally step on a mine. Such an awesome feeling. So well done. Awesome games.

So I made a minesweeper game where you are not a mouse cursor, but a dude wanting water. You have to get through and not die and stuff. And yet again, even when playing this early alpha, sometimes I'm reluctant to walk across a tile knowing it's safe, because somehow I could've made a thinking mistake and blow myself up. I love that feeling in my gut.

So if you have the same kind of fear as me, enjoy!. And if you don't, at least I hope you get a jump scare when you blow up.

I hope you enjoy it. :)

tl;dr stalker CoP is awesome and had a terrifying minefield which scared the shit out of me. So this game is a minefield which you have to cross.

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