Mini LD #20, hosted by GBGames.

Theme: Greed
Special Rule: Only one of Each
Bonus Theme: Fishing

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Ken Vs. Ken

by Henry McLaughlin - Competition Entry

This is a game in the style of Rock 'em Rock 'em Robots, featuring two guys fighting over a pizza.

CONTROLS: (These can be edited in 'config.json')

Player 1:
Punch - Z
Kick - X

Player 2:
Punch - N
Kick - M

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Comments (archive)

Kennethm says ...

This game is very nice. The graphics are very well done and the health bars and art style was good.
My only thing about the game is it's very repetitive. For example, to win I just had to press the Z and X keys as much as I could. I think this game would me much better if you could move left and right. :)

the31 says ...

I played this with my brother. I got the pizza at first, but after a while he started beating me.

Very good graphics, I think. The idle animation is really weird, though. Usually fighters bounce up and down.

The game is fun to play, and looks great.

McFunkypants says ...

I had a lot of python issues. Otherwise, well done!

wyverex says ...

This was fun to play with a friend, but it only seemed to matter who can kick faster. Add in some blocking and movement, and you'll the start of a great game.

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