Mini LD #20, hosted by GBGames.

Theme: Greed
Special Rule: Only one of Each
Bonus Theme: Fishing

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Via Dolorosa

by increpare - Competition Entry

In spite of my best efforts, I lost track of the theme pretty early, and broke the rule. But the theme was influential. I don't know if that counts.

up/down/left/right (or wsad) + space

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Comments (archive)

the31 says ...

Obviously I didn't see the theme applied, but other than that, this was a fun story to play through. Didn't see anywhere that I could use jump to any effect, though. Seems like there should have been more, but I liked this game as an effective way to tell the story.

Raspadsistema says ...

One of my favorite entries, as I favor creative freedom and a need to tell a message above other things.

dertom says ...

Hehe, actually I like the whole setting with its simple but nice wireframe-graphics. And it is really no easy job to setup a 3rd-person controller, struggled with that a lot. But hey it's LD!
...and as the theme seems not to be voted for I see no problem that for your theme-influenced game :D

cu at bigjam!?!

McFunkypants says ...

Absolutely fantastic graphics, I LOVED the wireframe look, which reminded me of the first wave of 3d arcade games, like Star Wars and Battlezone. An art game, it wasn't really a game as much as a thoughtful and haunting portrait of low self esteem. I like the happy ending: the protagonist finally gets to see herself in the eyes of her lover, who sees her differently than she does. Love is blind.

wyverex says ...

Nice 3D mesh. Story was... interesting.. not really a game.

Austin says ...

With all my fan-bias aside, this game was just really cool. It would have been great if you felt like you were impacting the scenes that you saw, instead of just feeling like a spectator.

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