Mini LD #20, hosted by GBGames.

Theme: Greed
Special Rule: Only one of Each
Bonus Theme: Fishing

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Sushi Overload

by Breakdance McFunkypants - Competition Entry

Sushi Overload stars a greedy cat named Fattikins who loves fish. After getting bored with traditional fishing, he gets a better idea: fishing with GRENADES! Cut to a big explosion and tons of fish falling from the sky. Gobble up as many as you can but watch out for debris like tires, anvils, broken bottles and TNT. Pace yourself! If you get too greedy and eat too much you will start to move slower and slower.

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Comments (archive)

Kennethm says ...

Wooo a web game without flash! :D
Your graphics are unique and nice and the game is fun. The only thing I think was missing was a little animation. For example, moving left and right wasn't very realistic. Other than that I thought it was weird an anvil was coming down quite slowly when a can came down super fast. :P

dertom says ...

Finally a voting :D, well done! Nice graphics, nice game! Anyone tested this on a cellphone?

Raspadsistema says ...

Perhaps most playable game of all entries, graphics and voiceovers show passion which I'd like to see more of in future ludum dares.

the31 says ...

(I'm just copying my comment from your blog post.)

Impressive game. One of my favorite things about it was that the “catching objects” gameplay actually made sense. Most of the games like this I’ve played never explain why things are falling, and I think that made the game special. And it took me a while to figure out, but I like the way you slow down after eating too much.

wyverex says ...

Nice graphics, and cool music. Top notch catching game!

neonaxil says ...

I love the sounds and the visuals but it the hit detection was a little bit frustrating.

Hellfang says ...

Really cool art and sounds, I like!

Austin says ...

The graphics looked really cute, and it was all really well done for a html game, but I can't help but feel that I've seen this kind of game a dozen times before.

increpare says ...

The sound was excellent!

David Koontz says ...

My only complaint is that I was getting hit a lot by "bad" items that it looked like I was clear of.

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