Mini LD #16, hosted by HybridMind.

Theme: Constraints

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by thedaian - Competition Entry

Controls: 1 and 2 will move you left and right, respectively, 3 will give you a speed boost (the bar on the right will decrease while boosting). Your vertical movement is limited by your position on the screen. The white specks give you an indication of what direction you'll go in that general area. Escape or 0 will quit the game.

Gameplay: You are the orange dot. You must eat smaller dots to grow bigger. When you reach a certain size, the game ends and you can play again. Enemy positions are random (except for the first game, which has a constant seed). Enemies are color coded by size, with small sized enemies being light blue, and large enemies being a darker blue. Enemy movements are semi-random, but they will chase you or avoid you (depending on size) if you get too close.

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