Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

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Fishy Reticulum

by Epitaph64 - Competition Entry

Me and AlexanderZero collaborated on this entry. I did the programming and he did all the art. As far as music, I did all but the third level's (which he did.) Use the arrow keys (figure it out!) Lives are in the bottom left corner, and there are three levels to complete. To restart the game, just open/close it (I know it's shitty.)

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Comments (archive)

Jordan Magnuson says ...

The two things I enjoyed most about this game were it's look (for some reason I really enjoyed the "patchwork" sort of parallax background going on), and the simple yet effective physics of the net and rope. I'm a bit puzzled about the connection with the theme though... am I missing something?

sylvie says ...

I like the pixelated style of the graphics, and the game was simple but fun. Occasionally I'd get mine placements that seemed impossible to navigate without taking a hit though.

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