Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

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Striking Mess On The Stage (Because Of The Jealousy Of A Cute Divine Girl)

by Tenoch - Competition Entry

A MiniLD #14 entry by Tût-tûûût & Tenoch

(a.k.a. smots)

An divine love story

Hello, I'm Dionysos. I hope you'll be able to help me.

You see, I think that two women are in love with me. This wouldn't be a big problem if only these two women were not... goddesses. Yes: they are Thalia, the Muse of comedy, and Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy...

Out of jealousy, they try to destruct the art of each other: while a tragedy is being played somewhere on the world, Thalia messes up the mind of the actors and makes them play a comedy! So does Melpomene in comedies, of course.

I can't make a choice between them: they are equally important for the human kind. And, as you will see, they are equally... cute.

I borrowed a few thunderbolts from Zeus and I strike the one that shouldn't be on the stage. I hope this will calm down their anger...

The game

You'll be randomly Thalia or Melpomene (you don't need to know their names in fact). As a consequece, you'll be either Comedy or Tragedy, represented respectively by pink and blue.

You must turn all the actors from your rival into actors of your Art. Easy game, isn't it?

However, there are not only actors on stage: there is scenery, too! You'll win when all the props on the stage are in your color. There is a bar on the left to let you know the repartition of the objects. You can't interact with props. Only actors can. But you can inspire them...

Oh, and there is the other Muse on the stage, too. Otherwise it would be much more boring, you see. She can do the same things as you: turn your actors to her side.


Move your Muse with the arrows of your keyboard.

"Switch" an actor with the spacebar.

Push escape to... escape.


Source code is copyright Agnès Haasser & Noé Falzon, released under the

All music is copyright Noé Falzon, released under cc-by-nc-sa.

All graphical assets are copyright Agnès Haasser, released under

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Comments (archive)

vede says ...

This is a great game. The graphics are really nice, and you hit the theme dead-on (heh). The music was nice and not distracting.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I really like the idea here (stage, muses, props and actors representing different themes), and the graphics and music were both top notch. In actual practice I didn't find the gameplay particularly fun or interesting... I was able to win relatively easily on all levels, but I didn't enjoy myself doing it. Felt like it was just a dexterity battle against the computer. I'm not sure how, at the moment, but I feel certain this could be tweaked to create a really nice experience.

sylvie says ...

The presentation was really nice. The game seemed a bit weirdly balanced though. On the highest difficulty there are so many props and actors that you and the computer are both almost always switching something, so it stays pretty even and I only won by pure luck after 5 minutes or so of doing the same thing. On the other hand, the lower difficulties are really short and easy. But I enjoyed it overall.

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