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    MiniLD 14

    Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

    Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

    See Announcement Posting here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2009/11/12/mini-ld-14-go/

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    Ownage Dinosaur - Haighstrom - Competition Entry

    Ownage Dinosaur is a game about hubris.

    Game designed by Simon Haigh and Harry Jackson.

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    Comments (archive)

    vede says ...

    Yet another instance of "I can seriously only do the same exact area so many times." You've got some really bad between-screen jumps, and those bouncy things are just absurd, especially after getting the superjump.

    Jordan Magnuson says ...

    I agree with vede about "doing the same thing so many times." The main problem with this game, I think, is the platform engine. The ground is way too slipper, and when you jump you slide all over the place, making it much trickier than it should be to land on small platforms. I like the idea of making a game about hubris, though, especially when it involves the character design you've got going there. And I like stomping ownage-sauruses :)

    chuchino says ...

    Yeah, the lack of checkpoints combined with the somewhat glitchy platforming engine got a bit annoying, but I didn't find the game too hard so I was still able to beat it. The ending was good.

    ippa says ...

    I love the dinasour buildup with the sound/shaking :). This was the game I played the longest.. though I got stuck after a while.

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