Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

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by vede - Competition Entry

This is my first LD entry of any kind, so I'm a bit excited. This is also one of my first games written in Python. I'm sure to anyone who's written Python for very long, my code looks sub-par, but I'm still very much a learner, and this was a great educational experience.

This is a two-player co-op game, one player playing in a funny, silly world filled with walking pinatas and giant giftboxes, while the other player plays as a soldier slaughtering innocent civilians. They both see the same world differently, which was the idea behind the game.

It would have been a bit more featureful, but I tried to limit myself to just 48 hours of development time. Artwork, some last-minute coding, and Windows compatibility took me a bit over, though.

I hope you like it!

(EDIT: Updated it a bit, separated the two versions, the first (compo version) being the one I made in ABOUT 48 hours, the other (guess) being the more recent edition. You can reach them in the blog post at

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cotojohn says ...
Nov 17, 2018 @ 1:38pm

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Jordan Magnuson says ...

Vede, this is silly, but didn't see another way to reply to your comment on my entry (bunnies vs. bunnies):

I maybe should have made the theme a bit more clear, but bvb is a game about genocide. Also, the fact that such a somber theme is depicted with cute bunnies gives the game a slight black humor twist, I think (so tragedy + comedy). I posted about how the game fits the theme here: at


Now for your game: I *love* multiplayer on one keyboard games, and I *love* the idea here. The problem is, this implementation where each player can see (almost impossible *not* to see) the other player's screen, pretty much ruins the desired effect. Both players immediately see right through the illusion, and it ceases to be very interesting. I know that you were limited for time here, so that's not a big complaint; rather, just pointing out that ideally this game should be played like Jason Rohrer's Between, networked, monitors back to back, and each player facing the other. Otherwise, my only complaint is the dying bit: I didn't feel like it added anything to the game; rather, it took away from the theme of each side a bit (after all, if the civilians can "kill" you, are they really civilians, or terrorists in disguise, or something?). Overall, very nice idea.


sylvie says ...

I didn't have anyone to play this with but it's a nice take on the theme. I liked how much the messages that appear in each world contrasted with each other.

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