Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

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by Broxter - Competition Entry

This game was a joint effort between Andrew McCluskey and I, Jack Brockley.

You play as a... well, a face. And you must bounce helplessly around the arena collecting 'Coke' while avoiding fists...

It's a quick and simple, though challenging, arcade game that should give you a couple of minutes of fun. Make sure you submit a high score. :)

Thanks for having us.

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Comments (archive)

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I like the psychedelic feel of this, and the "ropes" that connect you to the drugs... what was the game made in?

The weak parts, to me, were the limited scope of the thing, and the somewhat tenuous theme connection... I mean, I see how drugs can be tragic, and possibly comic, but neither of these feelings came across strongly to me in the game.

sylvie says ...

I like the movement in this, it's challenging due to the character not always responding in the way you'd expect but it avoids stepping over the boundary of being not fun to control or unfair.

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