Mini LD #14, hosted by Terry. November 13th-15th 2009.

Theme: Comedy and Tragedy

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by ippa - Competition Entry

Entry for Mini LD #14, theme: Comedy and Tragedy
By: ippa and banister

Use arrow keys and space. Gamepad [sc]ould work as well.
There's some hidden stuff in this game... only the elite will find them :p.

Made with Ruby, Gosu ( and Chingu (

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Comments (archive)

Jordan Magnuson says ...

I liked the atmosphere here, the clouds, and dark silhouettes. Otherwise I'm afraid I found the game a bit bland. I think I would have enjoyed it more if all the "enemies" had been left out, and you were just a ghost wandering around a barren landscape... actually, I think the game could be quite decent that way, as a statement about death, perhaps. I do like the car hitting you again at the end though, and how you can turn everything into Swiss cheese :)

sylvie says ...

I thought it was pretty fun, though a lot of the time it was much easier to just rush past the other ghosts instead of trying to shoot them. I didn't notice that you could make holes in the terrain by shooting it until pretty late in the game, though it wasn't really a useful mechanic in most levels anyways.

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