Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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by Cosine - Competition Entry

Scaffolds is a simple puzzle game where you have to bring down all of the unsafe scaffolds around your construction site! Features 20 levels and music.

Blurry video walkthrough now available!

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Comments (archive)

rik says ...

Very playable, if a little slow. Some really tough puzzles. Graphically, seems very zoomed out, which is a little annoying.

Austin says ...

Everything looked nice, except a death animation would have been appreciated. And the playable section onscreen only takes up maybe a third of the screen, when it should take up nearly all of it. The puzzles themselves were good.

Flimgoblin says ...

It's a complete game, tutorial levels. Fun too. Plus I have the tune stuck in my head :P

adam_smasher says ...

Very good job for 48 hours. The graphics are a bit 'programmers art'y, but the gameplay and level design are really clever and fun. It does get really hard rather fast, though! The completeness of the package (intro screen, tutorial, grungy, Sim City 2000-esque soundtrack) also gets high marks.

jolle says ...

Good game, lots of levels. Good idea, graphics simple but works, and there's music. Overall good and new. "I WIN. yay!"

Nora Shishi says ...

I think this is the most playable game this time.

Tozy says ...

Nice! With tutorials and a walktrouh!

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