Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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Benevolent Dictator For Life

by kd5bjo - Competition Entry

Known to work on Firefox 3.5.8 and iPad (mostly). I think this could turn into a decent game, but I didn't have time to tune the gameplay out of a very slow start.

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Comments (archive)

samel says ...

Can't understand what to do ... sorry

rik says ...

Faar too complicated for its own good sorry. :(

Austin says ...

The consequences for dumb actions weren't really enough to keep me playing.

jolle says ...

Seems to work fine in Opera. The graphics and interface is clean and crisp, think it's good. I would have liked more info on how things worked though, I never really managed to figure it out. I prefer games where the game isn't to figure out the game. I can drag sliders, but what exactly does it do? What are the bars? There's multiple kind of bars in a single bar, making it extra unclear. It seems good but I don't really know.

Tozy says ...

Maybe it's alien teconolgy. I would like to try this when its more laborated.

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