Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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Fork My Lift

by Flimgoblin - Competition Entry

In an attempt to explain where all those crates came from in FPSs I've built a fork lift simulator... (though where do the pallets end up? who knows).

Collect crates (push the button to get more) on pallets, lift them onto the truck, score points.

Built in Unity3D

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

I have to judge this fairly with all of the other games, so you get a low rating. However, fixing some of the problems (terrible handling) could make this game somewhat entertaining.

samel says ...

A great fun the first time, a little boring after a wile. Very good concept, try to expand it!

rik says ...

Stands out being 3d, though the forklift's handling was too difficult and low visibility made it worse.

Austin says ...

It would have been fun if the boxes broke. Like others said, the game did have some poor lighting. And this is a game where you control a forklift, not exactly supposed to make you feel anything.

jolle says ...

Felt a bit slow as a game, and camera/controls felt a bit awkward. I think the idea of some sort of loading game could work if improved. Also, I think my truck broke at some point, the wheels stayed in one place, and the rest of it floated away.

Tozy says ...

Mine broke as jolle's. The light was not good but I liked the control and the way the boxes where falling from that machine.

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