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    Mini LD #19

    Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

    Theme: Industry | Rules

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    Wolfconn - skitchin - Competition Entry


    Mouse to move camera around, target with retical on screen
    Left mouse - give a bonus(make worker happier)
    Right mouse - give worker a bonus(make them work harder)
    Enter - pause - brokenish

    The idea in the game was that you must keep your workers busy without letting them get too depressed, or they will jump from the rooftop. Keep them happy by giving them a bonus check with Left Mouse. They would generate money faster the harder you push them, which you can do by Right clicking, but some workers can't handle it and would be better off letting go. However, I did not make it to implementing money and other important aspects.

    This was my first attempt at a Ludum Dare 48hr challenge.
    Although I did not complete my game, it was a great
    learning experience. Next time I'll have to spend more time
    fixing up my base code. I spent probably the first 24 hours
    trying to make things from my base work properly, and adapting them
    to the needs of this project. I was also slow at creating a design
    for the game mechanics.

    There's no real goal or challenge implemented other than the time limit
    and keeping worker's alive till the end. I know there's
    several bugs, and that also has to do with why the game exits on it's own at the end.

    Game is written in C++ using SDL. FMOD is supported but I didn't get around to using sounds.

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    Comments (archive)

    rik says ...

    Interesting idea! Unfortunately crashed for me (total quit).

    austinbreed says ...

    Too bad it's not finished, it could have been really fun. I'd like to see some dialogue from the workers: "I can't take it anymore!" lol.

    jolle says ...

    Welcome to LD, believe me when I tell you not only the first LD you participate in will be a learning experience, but pretty much all of them :) Hope you're up for the next (real) LD in August.

    I like the grim idea of the game, and even though it's not finished, it gave me a smile, and it's also not as easy as it first sounded. I think I would have preferred other kind of aiming: instead of moving the screen, just moving the cursor.

    Nora Shishi says ...

    I got tired easily with a mouse... I think It could be fantastic game with a gun controller.

    Tozy says ...

    Well, i killed all my workers on proupose =)

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