Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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by pants - Competition Entry

the game of how fast you can build a house :D
yes its done and im proud of it....
it might seem boring but who cars atleast i DID it
have fun and enjoy!

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Comments (archive)

pgil says ...

After the loading screen I get "Unexpected error while loading the game>" :(

Cosine says ...

Very, very simple. Just spawn a few snipers and workers, and spam the worker button until you win.

Austin says ...

I couldn't get it to run either.

adam_smasher says ...

Jesus christ, what country do you live in?! I've never seen a construction crew with SNIPERS before =P

The gameplay is very basic, but if you fleshed it out more (added more hazards, more types of units, and so on) and balanced it a bit better, it could be pretty fun. A lot of cool stuff could be emergent if you added enough different interactions between different units and let the game breathe a little. There are some frustrating aspects here to fix first, though - things like how your snipers won't ever turn around, even if some dude in the back is slaughtering the rest of your crew.

Also, there a TON of really trivial spelling errors. It looks very amateurish. If English isn't your native language, don't worry too much about it - just have a native speaker go over it first.

rik says ...

I know you finished early, so it would have been nice to rework some of the art, or flesh out the gameplay a little. Shows the foundation of a good game tho - interesting concept.

jolle says ...

Snipers truly are common problem at constructions sites these days, a big problem. Perhaps not an extremely great game, but it was amusing with its humor. "everything else by ... pants12" I never would have guessed!

Tozy says ...

It's lovely... like... in a naive way =) (L)
:O Those red guys were really angry, I bet they have a small otel and didnt wanted compentence.

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