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Baby Factory

by pgil - Competition Entry

WARNING: Do not play this game if you are prone to seizures. It might kill you.

This is a pro-life game.

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

Eh, okay. Rather confusing at first.

rik says ...

Love this, the audio's especially nostalgic. It's like playing a ZX Spectrum whilst living in Silent Hill.

Austin says ...

The presentation was really great. It was kind of sad though to have all this controversy set up and then be presented with a horizontal shooter. The statement, if there was one, was blurred incredibly.

But I did play this for a longass time, you really should polish it up! Maybe add a boss battle, make the enemies look like something those babymakers would fear: gays, hippies, democrats, terrorists. But the biggest thing I wished for was the graphics of the player, they should change as she eats more, becoming large and gross and veiny. Or you could make multiple mothers to spring out more babies.

Flimgoblin says ...

my eyes... my eyes... not sure if it was post-hypnotic suggestion from the title screen but found this quite addictive.

adam_smasher says ...

Very cactus-y, not that that's a bad thing. I love the style, I love the agitprop attitude and the message. Gameplay was simple but well done - you really nailed the 'feel', if you know what I mean. The detail on the communist death animation was stunning. With an intense SID style soundtrack or something and a bit more variety in gameplay this'd be perfect.

jolle says ...

I think you can get seizures from that intro screen even if you're not prone to them. Amusing game with very suitable presentation.

Nora Shishi says ...

This game has some kind of unforgettable impact. But it's really visually unfriendly. It's good as a joke game.

Tozy says ...

I love the intro!

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