Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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Super Knock-Off Factory

by rik - Competition Entry

Simple puzzle game inspired by knock-off toys from far away factories. Create new knock-off products for points!

M toggles music
H for instructions
Arrow keys to change the path of the crates

Hope you like it!

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

The gameplay itself could have used some more working on. It looked very nice, however.

pgil says ...

Really good presentation. The game was also pretty fun once I figured it out.

Austin says ...

Alright, this game rules! Just difficult enough to keep my interests and graphically awesome. I got a few laughs out of the silly combinations; I would love to see some greater toy variations as the game continues and gets harder. The skull and bones boxes should be left out entirely, as they're definitely a buzzkill. Perhaps you could include a bomb box that blows up the box underneath it, this would be a good strategy for cleaning out unwanted boxes but also a pain in the ass if it destroys what you're working on.

You should also do something about the box in the bottom left hand corner that tells you what toy you've created, a few times it was in the way of the left column as I was building another toy. It looks really good where it is aside from that. You could maybe do a fullscreen one that pauses the game and shows the toy in a short animation getting boxed up and shipped off, in a second and a half or something.

adam_smasher says ...

Gorgeous pixel art, and a fairly kickin' soundtrack. Some serious work clearly went into this. Unfortunately, the gameplay wasn't very exciting for me - it's basically just disposing of worthless boxes until you get the right one, which is only challenging because I found the controls a bit cumbersome. It's also extremely unforgiving - place the wrong type of box somewhere and it's, as far as I can tell, stuck there for the rest of the game. Compare to, e.g., Tetris, where even the worst screw up can be amended by a talented player. austinbreed's suggestion for a bomb box is a great idea.

Not sure exactly how you could balance this out, but I'd get rid of the box disposal slot entirely, as it drains the game of a lot of challenge - imagine if, in Tetris, you could just get rid of inconvenient pieces. Half the fun of games like this comes from trying to figure out what the heck to do when life hands you lemons, as it were.

Still, this was definitely a great effort for 48 hours and has a ton of potential. Nice job!

jolle says ...

Pretty and overall very good presentation: music, sounds, help screen. The game idea is pretty solid as well, I think, but it does have a problem with error recovery. Put one piece in the wrong place, and you lose the whole stack... and its space! (unless I totally misunderstood something). Would have been better you just lost the stack, that it was flushed out or something. Anyhow, it was sort of tricky to keep track of both kind of part and color, and at later speeds it was really hard (if it even was later speeds, I got to 330 points after a few tries).

Nora Shishi says ...

I really love the Prime Robot Transform!

Tozy says ...

Yes, the gameplay could be better. But im shure you know how to fix it now, and I liked the graphics :)

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