Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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Gunner Robo Pocket

by Henry McLaughlin - Competition Entry

This game aims to be a random game generator, which will create short games as if from a factory.

The games will each consist of a robot of some kind with a weapon of some kind playing through five levels with a boss fight on the last level.

The rules will vary. Sometimes the player's ammo is limited, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes the ammo regenerates, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the player has shields, sometimes they dont. Sometimes the player's health and ammo are individual points, sometimes they are on a smooth scale.

This is very ambitious, I know. I may expand this after the Mini-LD ends, however. I'm not going to speculate too much about that, because that would make me much less likely to do so.

At the time of writing, I only have some terrain tiles that can be drawn on the screen, but I have also done quite a bit of code for a basic player character, and will be testing that soon.

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Comments (archive)

samel says ...

Cannot play it 8_(

rik says ...

Couldn't play it too :(

Austin says ...

Same. :/ Maybe we're missing something in the zip? It sounded exciting, now I'm disappointed.

jolle says ...

Sounds ambitious. Am I correct to interpret this as not complete, and mostly just being the source made public? Looked through it, found source etc, but no way to run it.

Tozy says ...

My lack of love mede it impossible to run. Sorry, no cake for you... today.

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