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A Transportation Industry Game

by jolle - Competition Entry

Game in short:
You transport goods with trucks, buy them at the source, sell them where there's demand.
You can buy new trucks and trailers for trucks, and you can take loans.
There's no goal other than playing around and making money.

The game can appear very non-obvious, so it's a good idea to briefly read this through (there's no help screen in game).

How to play:
- You select trucks (blue dots) with Left mouse button.
- With a truck selected, you click an industry (red dot) to give an order, Left to buy there, Right to sell there (or Middle to clear as target).
- Right click and drag to scroll world.
- Industries have demand for resources, shown with a red text. They also want to sell resources, shown with a green color.
- You toggle pause with Space or clicking the clock at the status bar. If there is a truck without any orders, the game will pause automatically (and stay paused until it has orders).
- To sell or buy a truck, click "Trucks" in the status bar.
- To add or remove trailers for a truck, right click the truck in the map or left click it in the list after click "Trucks" in the status bar.
- You can manually or automatically take loans. Left click "Debt" in status bar to take a loan, or Right click it to pay back money. If your money goes below 0, you automatically loans money.

The game requires a graphics card with OpenGL support (including 2048x2048 sized textures and framebuffer objects). A three button mouse is also needed.

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

Pretty fun to play around in! You could definitely polish this up and get a much more in-depth game. My only recommendation is to add the ability to build roads, so that transporting materials is much faster.

rik says ...

Really overwhelming starting a game and being presented with a huge map, but impressively complex game.

Austin says ...

I didn't have the right graphics card to play, so I won't score. :(

Flimgoblin says ...

Core of a good game here, put me in mind of The Patrician, though I kept wishing my trucks would repeat their routes (maybe I'm just lazy ;))

Tozy says ...

I didn't have the right graphics card to play, so I won't score. :(... unles I find a computher wich can run it.

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