Mini LD #19, hosted by Jolle.

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by Nora Shishi - Competition Entry

Defeat your 3 rivals!

You can have a maximum of 3 points on each equipment and 7 points of hearts acquiring the shops. If you acquire someone's shop the prize will be given from the holder in exchange with the investment (500Yen).
You can make money as a yield by collecting all 4 card-suit symbols and returning to your home base. The amount depends on the number of shops you've acquired.

Arrow keys to move.

The AI is foolish, sorry!

[The history of modifications]
19/06/2010 The number of stages was added.
16/06/2010 The AI became intelligent.
15/06/2010 Sound effects were set.
13/06/2010 Version 1.0 was released.

*please judge it excluding the parts of modifications for fairness When you rate.

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Comments (archive)

Cosine says ...

Lots of fun to play, despite the foolish AI. Good game!

samel says ...

Like Cosine said the AI it's not so good, but the game has a good concept.

Austin says ...

The way the game looks and the concept could really become something really awesome. But right now, due to the AI, it's too easy. You could make several rooms for the players to travel around and make a different combat system that steals some sort of value from them instead of killing them, or if you die you lose points and end up back at your base.

rik says ...

So great and original!

adam_smasher says ...

Pretty cool idea, and the retro style is awesome and dead-on. It definitely needs expanding on, stronger AI, better balance, and more - substance, I guess? - but what you've got here is a really cool start.

jolle says ...

Looks good and I like the idea. Some things are still unclear to me though, like how battle actually works and so on. It's also a bit annoying to wait for the other ones to move, but I guess that's just part of *o**poly. Still, was sort of fun.

Tozy says ...

I won the first time without knowledge of how it worked, but I liked it any way =)
I like the mataphor wetheen industies and battle when they try to monopoly the market.

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