Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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The Murder

by stefvanschie - Compo Entry

The murder is my third Ludum Dare game. It's an escape the room click game. So you basically click at objects to discover new things and eventually you'll escape (hopefully).

Mouse - Interact with stuff
I - Open/close inventory
Esc - Close menus

This game requires Java 7 or higher to run.

Please by nice and don't post the solution to the game in the comments.

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caranha says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 11:33am

Sorry, got a Null Pointer Exception when trying to run your game :-(

p1x3lruckus says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 11:37am

I'm on mac, it runs then white screens till closed. I java -jar'd it and got the below exception

Exception in thread "Thread-0" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at sun.font.SunFontManager$
at Method)
at sun.font.SunFontManager.<clinit>(
at sun.font.FontDesignMetrics.getMetrics(
at sun.java2d.SunGraphics2D.getFontMetrics(
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
at sun.font.FontManagerNativeLibrary$
at Method)
at sun.font.FontManagerNativeLibrary.<clinit>(
... 10 more

rainssong says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:07pm

I have jre7 but I can't escape...

ISG says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 3:25pm

*.exe in windows build wanted!

madjackmcmad says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 3:39pm

I got out by getting the numbers and putting them into the lock in random order until it worked. Is there a clue I'm missing? I tried looking at the four plates of muffins for four numbers.

JulianMH says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 6:30pm

Hey cool game, but a bit short. Liked it.

Very thoughtful of you to include different languages, but the german version seemed machine translated. I had to restart the game to switch back to english to enjoy it. Please do not use machine translation unless you absolutely need a translation and do not have another choice.

stefvanschie says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 9:52pm

madjackmcmad: There is a clue, but it's pretty hard to find.

JulianMH: All languages are machine translated actually (except English). I wanted to experiment with different languages, but as I don't speak any other language fluently except my native language and English, I used machine translation to do the work for me.

BUNN1E5 says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 7:59am

Nice job, though I had a hard time with the code because it didn't get store in the inventory in the order of the code, but in the order that it was picked up in.

KBF123 says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 8:30pm

Not a bad game! I liked the puzzles and such, but time limit seems unnecessary when the digits are the same each time, and their order doesn't change.

acotis says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 8:46pm

Running Linux and I couldn't play because of a NullPointerException (the same one p1x3lruckus got). I would guess that you are trying to use some font that isn't installed by default on Linux of Mac OS. If you want to change the font to something more default (like Times New Roman or whatever) I'd be happy to come back and try again.


Hempuli says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 9:18pm

Got out! I felt a bit bad helping a murderer escape. The game didn't seem to recognixe my mouse-clicks occasionally and I kinda wish the game had had a bit more in terms of puzzling, but all in all it was a fun little puzzle to solve. Only now do I realize that I probably missed a hint.

PlugRobots says ...
Dec 18, 2016 @ 12:35pm

Interesting idea. But there is a lack of puzzles and actions in common.

Karai17 says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 10:41am

I too am getting an error trying to run the jar file:

cicanci says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 6:51pm

Nice game! It is nice to have all that content translated, but I think more puzzles would be a better feature than the localization for a LD game. Overall, well done!

ZirconCode says ...
Dec 21, 2016 @ 2:41pm

The mouse clicking didn't always seem to register, otherwise the music was good and it was an interesting level design, good job!

schizoid2k says ...
Dec 21, 2016 @ 4:08pm

Not bad... I got the code in the wrong order, so I kept trying.

NumNumDude says ...
Dec 23, 2016 @ 11:08pm

The gameplay is really weak, and I thought it was dumb that the code papers were stored in your inventory in the order you got them rather than the correct order. It made it frustrating trying all different possible combinations of the same four numbers. You should have made the code papers appear in the right order or make the box take all combinations. Also the lock on the window doesn't change when you finally get the right code so I just thought the code was wrong. In the end it took me so long to find the right way to beat it only to get a "I escaped!" screen. It was only hard because of the time limit too. Overall a pretty weak game.

stefvanschie says ...
Jan 3, 2017 @ 9:59am

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I'll be making an improved version (as usual) where all your feedback will be implemented in.

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