Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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Item Phantom

by Leddev - Jam Entry

A short sandbox-like game with emphasis on item management.

If WASD doesn't work, you probably have a controller plugged in. Try unplugging it.

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limered says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:09pm

Controls not working, didn't rate.

Leddev says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:13pm

@limered Make sure you don't have a controller plugged in.

Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:14pm

Cute game with solid sounds, art, and atmosphere.

Uliana Galich says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:15pm

i like the ghost,nice tematic.

Casevse says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:17pm

Loved the graphics and the concept is interesting. Good work!

Wolar says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:24pm

osx version tells me “Item” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image. sorry could not rate

Steven Miller says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:25pm

Good game, I absolutely love the art style. I found the game very relaxing. I got the present at the end.

martincohen says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:27pm

The graphics is really awesome. WASD + mouse is quite hard to implement (failed at it several times). Loved the way you made items interaction.

Smiley says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:47pm

OS/X image is broken

Smiley says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:48pm

so I didn't rate it.

Palys Plays says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:55pm

Very good game with interesting mechanics and nice graphics. I was curious what will machine throw at the end. I am not sure what it was, but I managed to open it.

rburema says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:55pm


Ah, the live of a gardening ghost is full of toil and waterbuckets!

Love the art & the smoothness of the experience (& the way you can go fast and sort of bounce the ghost around the room), but it got a bit tedious after a while....

Had to restart though, since the first time I dropped the seeds behind the wall (from the perspective of the player) & couldn't see that it was growing!

Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:16pm

Beautifully relaxing. Really fun controls. Amazing mood.

Devastus says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:37pm

I really liked the graphics in this one, very nice! Interesting concept, although it got quite repetitive quite fast. The controls are maybe a bit too floaty, even for a ghost.

c4m says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 11:37pm

Very interesting game! Good graphic and a very good puzzle game! Good job!

Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:05am

Great little piece, found myself lingering in it longer than most LD games. Very nice graphics and feel, and even though it was mighty repetitive, it had a nice, engaging field to it. I would love to see this turned into a more realized game with more complex crafting.

mysterycoder says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:16am

The controls were really fun and I loved how smooth it was. Occasionally I seemed to have issues where I couldn't move the mouse cursor while I was moving the ghost, which was a bit frustrating.

Jerodak says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 5:58am

Interesting concept overall, though a bit too repetitive for a lot of the challenges; I think this is a solid foundation to build from.

antishow says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 7:01pm

Getting this (unusually harshly worded) error message on OS X (10.12.1):

“Item Phantom” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

fabsy says ...
Dec 31, 2016 @ 6:38am

I like it!

Could use a bit more ambient sound as it can take a while to complete. The ghost's movement feels a bit too "floaty" for me but it's manageable. The item interactions feel super nice and it's always a surprise waiting for what will pop out of the box next.

Although being a weird concept it's amazing how it manages to be intuitive without using practically any text.

Also, top mark for graphics!

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