Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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Single-Room Stealth Action

by d3dc - Jam Entry

SRSA is the working name for our un-finished stealth game.

We were able to create all of our prefabs and start building levels. We have a basic prototype, but the AI didn't make it in before the deadline... Right now, you can run around and hide under tables!

* We hope to release updates throughout the week with more of the game-critical scripts*
* We'd love to hear feedback or advice on streamlining our unity process! *

# The Idea

Our idea was to create a level-based stealth game where each level was one room. The goal would be to destroy all the robots, either by hacking the control server, or by eliminating them with items (TBD).

The player could run around or would have the option to enter a hacking mode. In hacking mode, the player's aggro radius would increase as your hacking progressed, leading to the robots finding the player easier and chasing them. The player would be able to hide under tables and in cabinets to mask their aggro radius.

# Things we didn't make
- Player model
- Droid model

# Synopsis

For this Ludum Dare, I worked in a team of two. My goal was to both learn the Unity interface, and teach the idea of rapid prototyping.

I'm quite happy with Unity as a tool. I am very impressed by what we were able to build from the ground up using only the Standard Assets and one asset we pulled from the store. Unity proved itself to be very quick to iterate in, and the basics of the behavior system were immediately apparent to a beginning.

Using the standard assets meant we didn't have to spend time creating our character controller, or developing a custom path-finding solution, and that's awesome.

We didn't quite get to writing a lot of custom behaviors (and I suspect teaching code is the real hurdle here), but I am impressed with the flexibility of the system, and look forward to at least coding some systems up myself.

* We'd love to hear what we did wrong! *

# Unreached Goals / Future Expansion

Want to Implement
- Droid AI to both follow Waypoints and check aggro radius (we were using the demo car AI)
- Player behaviors to add more interaction. Hacking mini-game, items, etc.
- UI behaviors

Good to Implement
- Title and Death Screens

Lofty Goals
- From-scratch player and enemy models and animations

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