Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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Needle in a Neighborhood

by AAGH Games - Jam Entry

-- We've added an experimental WebGL build for people to play, but we still recommend the Windows version. If the WebGL one gives you trouble, please play the Windows version. --

Inspired by the saying, "looking for a needle in a haystack," AAGH Games brings you Needle in a Neighborhood, a fairly casual exploration/searching game. You have to search through the houses of a small residential neighborhood for the One Room containing a giant golden needle. There are ten separate houses with 80 total rooms to explore. Only one contains the needle, and since the rooms' contents are randomized on each play, you get endless replayability.

Use WASD to move, the mouse to look around, and the escape key to bring up the pause menu. Lastly, spacebar will open interior doors (exterior doors work just by walking up to them). Once you find the golden needle, walk up to it to claim victory and see how long it took you to find the needle.

Good luck, have fun, and we encourage you to share your best times! If you find something broken or messed up, let us know so we can improve our post-Jam version.

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vini60 says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 10:10pm

Found the needle in 18 seconds lol.
Best game eva.

Uliana Galich says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 4:57pm

Liked the idea and gameplay

adsilcott says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:16am

Found the needle in 7:28! Neat idea.

madlee says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:43am

Nice take on the theme – I was a little lucky in that the needle was in the first house I checked, but it was in the _last_ room of that house :P

Zgragselus says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 8:23am

The mouse sensitivity is too high, making it kinda hard to play the game even at 800 DPI. :(

nataha says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 8:24am

Too hard)

AAGH Games says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 8:34am

@Zgragselus The mouse look sensitivity was something we struggled with for the majority of the build. We would have liked to have included a sensitivity slider but unfortunately time did not allow for that.

Holofire says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 8:57am

Had the needle in the final house I check, never lucky. Interesting little hide and seek kind of game. Nice work :D

zenmumbler says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:47pm

While I would not call roaming around in a mostly empty world "endless replayability" it was fine for what it was but I stopped after 2/10 houses. Maybe add in ambient story text that is told/presented as you walk around? Why am I looking for this needle, who lives here? etc.

kabel says ...
Dec 19, 2016 @ 9:05am

So many questions, and so few answers...

bentglasstube says ...
Dec 23, 2016 @ 4:21am

Really liked the idea and the town and house generation. Would be a cool thing to build into a game with more interaction than a basic exploration model, nice job.

Dec 31, 2016 @ 1:22am

I get the idea, but I apparently don't have the patience to find the needle. I noticed in a few houses the walls dont connect, and you can clip through into the room.

Dec 31, 2016 @ 5:25am

I think that if the controls were a bit smoother, and the locations more interesting, this could be a really great idea for a casual FPS game. My time was 1:38

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