Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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An ordinary room?

by Elastiskalinjen - Compo Entry

Can discover the way out?

First time on Ludum Dare and I only had one day to create this game.

Decided to create a small story with some light puzzle elements.

Try out for yourself and tell me what you think!

Made in PICO-8, a really fun program for small projects like this!

Stay Awesome and good luck!


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ralfz says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 6:41pm

The graphics are really great

admicos says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 7:00pm

The ending felt a little too simple, but other than that, it's pretty great!

barning says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 7:38pm

Nice graphics.

Dec 11, 2016 @ 7:56pm

@admicos Thanks! Ye I think it could be a little more "gamy",a last harder puzzle perhaps! Was in a bit of a rush needed sleep for today! :D

Dec 11, 2016 @ 7:56pm

Thanks @ralfz and @barning, next ludum it will be a lot better :D

Artsicle says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:10pm

Bit boring. I didnt see much to do other than press buttons. That only dropped cuees.

KJB of IBwWG says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:15pm

LOL, I loved the writing :) Even the could add some cherries and then you have a great pun :)

pouls says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:20pm

I liked how you break the fourth wall in this game's writing.

ironchest says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:23pm

nice writing!

Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:29pm

@KJB of IBwWG Thanks, saw that now hahahahah, ohh well I might say it was a feature! :D

@Artisicle ye sorry for that, the time was not on my side! Next year!

@pouls Thanks, it was really funny to write!

@ironchest Thanks a lot!

mkl says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:33pm

i love the graphics

Soundless_dev says ...
Dec 11, 2016 @ 11:27pm

The game is not fugly. It looks great and very polished. Though I'm not really sure if there's an objective. If there was, I missed it.

nico says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:30am

Awesome game, even though there isn't much actual game in it ;)
Nice writing and lovely art style.

Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:03am

@mkl thanks!

@Soundless_dev, Aww you are too kind. There was, or kind of, you can get to a credit scene!

@nico no you are right, It barely is a game, but the writing was in focus för this! Thanks nico!

tigerfinch says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:59am

Yeah, this is right up my street. I liked the humour and the artwork especially. A fun little game for a tired post-jam brain.

Sne says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 8:21am

Very nice artwork, the story is funny, chuckled a bit!
However, I wouldn't consider this in the "game" category, it's some kind of borderline case.

kidando says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 8:33am

Neat looking but short. Congrats on submitting your entry!

Dec 12, 2016 @ 2:50pm

@tigerfinch thanks, I was aiming for something easy, I always makes too hard games!

@Sne, Thanks, I know, but I did not want a game that you can lose in!

@kidando Thanks, ye next time I will make a longer game!

DeathBySnail says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:17pm

Found the secret! Was it a secret?

Quaternius says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:36pm

Awesome idea! loved the graphics and reading all the text, wasn't boring at all.

onyon says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:38pm

Nice graphics and sounds, keeping the great retro vibe alive throughout the whole thing.

Simple, but nice.

sgadrat says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:43pm

Simply awesome

harark says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:43pm

Nice graphics and humor! The controls felt nice, though it was a bit hard to push the cubes precisely. Luckily, the game didn't require that to finish.

Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:44pm

@DeathBySnail,It is up to debate :P

@Quaternius, that is lovely to hear,the writing was in focus!:)

@onyon Really Awesome comment!

Pusty says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 6:15pm

The dialogue were especially nice!

Dec 12, 2016 @ 10:52pm

I liked the humor, well done!

Dec 13, 2016 @ 4:07pm

@harak Thanks, mm that could be better!
@Pusty Thank you!
@AntonieDesbiens Thanks!

springogeek says ...
Dec 13, 2016 @ 8:57pm

Great graphics, sound and I loved the dialogue. Small, but entertaining :)

impbox says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 10:02am

Very cute! Enjoyed the humour and graphics.

qbicfeet says ...
Dec 14, 2016 @ 2:54pm

I like the fourth-wall breaking flavor text, simple but effective.

Remicy says ...
Dec 16, 2016 @ 11:01am

Really love the art and puzzles.
It's impressed that you just have one day to make this game.

Alexbrainbox says ...
Dec 17, 2016 @ 12:47am

A very nice pico-8 entry :) Really nice use of the palette especially for the floor and wall textures.

SamH says ...
Dec 17, 2016 @ 12:21pm

The best PICO-8 entry I’ve tested so far! The pixel art is cute, the controls and interactions feel polished, but of course it’s the 4th wall / meta humour that makes it enjoyable. My kind of stuff :)

Dec 18, 2016 @ 5:11pm

Very good for how fast you made it! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum Dare 37 games, if you’d like to take a look. :)

axoona says ...
Dec 29, 2016 @ 6:25pm

cool entry. I like the self irony.

kato9 says ...
Jan 2, 2017 @ 4:52pm

Very weird, enjoyable little game. I feel like the humor makes up for the simple mechanics. I will cherries the time I spent with it :D

Jan 3, 2017 @ 6:49pm


There is so many comments, but i just want to thank everyone for playing my game! Also for the comments, it makes me push even harder!

Hope you have a great year!


Jan 3, 2017 @ 6:50pm

@SamH You are too kind, I was so happy to see this comment, you do not even know! Stay awesome man!

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