Ludum Dare 37 — December 9th-11th, 2016 — Theme: One Room

Well, Mike ran in to problems getting working properly with about 12 hours left in the Compo, so this is the backup plan.

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Flower Shop

by Jezzamon - Compo Entry


I live in a tiny flower shop, with just one room! Each day, customers come past and tell me what type of flowers they want, and I do my best to grow it! How about you help me out for a week?

(I would've filled this description with flower emojis but they don't work here...)

Controls: Mouse

Tips: You might find it hard to remember everything in this game! If you're having difficulty, try taking some notes on paper.

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txlzone says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 2:29am

The music is delightful and the graphics are fun. I'm just bad at memory games :o

laylow says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 2:46am

Love the music, graphics and the personable dialog.

Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:25am

It's nice and light, I like it.

Loyance says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 5:00am

This game left me happy! So simple, yet so fun. Yes it requires a good memory, but it is not a problem if you have a pen and a notepad nearby - there is no rush. No concerns!

fishbrain says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 6:53am

Cute! Nice happy game :)

Mattmatt says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 9:50am

A really good game! Audio and graphics is fantastic, and the tutorial does its job well.

meg says ...
Dec 12, 2016 @ 6:10pm

I got 20/22 using a notepad because I got my notes mixed up and remade some plants from a previous day. :D Pretty fun and relaxing game.

Stylo21 says ...
Dec 15, 2016 @ 11:47am

Nice game, good mechanics and beautifull and simple art.

I like this game :D

stefvanschie says ...
Dec 19, 2016 @ 7:23am

Nice game, very tricky and definitely very fun. I wasn't really able to get the correct flowers to any customers, but I did my best :)

Downtown says ...
Dec 19, 2016 @ 7:32am

Great music. Nice simple idea that is actually quite challenging.

Nikteddy92 says ...
Dec 19, 2016 @ 9:20am

Nice entry!
I like the art style and the gameplay is smooth and ejoyable!
Well done

Shivur says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 2:15am

Very good game!

cushycode says ...
Dec 20, 2016 @ 4:12pm

Simple and neat tiny game with pretty fun concept and nice arts.
Relly like it!

Ellian says ...
Dec 21, 2016 @ 9:21pm

The music is adorable!
I like memory games, and this was done in a great way. Congrats! It was nice to see so many combinaisons too :)

NightShadow0 says ...
Dec 26, 2016 @ 7:49pm

Oh man, i like the concept, but this is a LOT of information to hold...
Nice work, but i'm definitely not the target audience for this haha

ijzm says ...
Dec 28, 2016 @ 5:42am

Overall, a very relaxing and fun game to experiment with. I would have liked to see more of a sense of progression, as it just seemed like the same cycle with no real way to complete the game. I'm not sure if this was the case, but it was not obvious and didn't seem possible to record a score.

I like the idea of experimenting with the different flowers, and the dialogue the customers give, even when you don't get their flower orders right. The graphics on the flowers are great. The music, while cute, didn't really feel like it suited the art style, but it definitely has that cute little flower shop vibe.


Wumbo says ...
Dec 31, 2016 @ 4:27am

I like the game overall, though I just don't seem to be in the mood for it right now, but maybe later I will come back to play it to figure everything out and understand all of the growth patterns.

The music is amazing. Love it.

Art is good overall, though the people are strikingly non-unique, which isn't super helpful for the memory part of it.

The main thing I wasn't super happy with was how many different things I had to keep straight all at once. There were just so many different variables, which I suppose might make it kind of fun for a memory-style game, but I just thought it was too much all at once. Things got even worse when there were four different people asking me to give them different things and then I got all confused, and it was just a mess, and then I didn't know what each thing did and I had to keep all the names straight, et cetera.

If I got out a pen and paper, though, to turn it into a logic puzzle, it would probably be much more fun. That's obviously not the point though.

Still great game; it feels very complete :)

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