Ludum Dare 36 Warmup Weekend

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Something RPG (Testing tile mapping)

by tsutaro - Warmup Entry

This is just me preparing for LD#36, but i would like some criticism because i would like to know what to improve

I haven't touched any javascript lately, so I made this tile mapping in javascript.

I think it works?, but need some work adding more sprites.

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Aug 21, 2016 @ 10:37am

You're definitely going to want an actual map editor for this. Also worth considering if you want to store entities in there.

Do you plan to use pure HTML5/JS without libraries, or are you just making your warm-up this way? A common issue making HTML5 games is by themselves, the provided APIs are incredibly useless for anything practical. (which tends to be why so many devs use pre-built engines/libs, or create one) Anyways, just curious what your plans are as far as that is concerned.

tsutaro says ...
Aug 21, 2016 @ 4:14pm

I am planning on doing everything like this, because I want to focus on making this a sort of ¿js engine?, so that i don´t have to remake everything.
That´s why i want as much of my code in there without libraries.

tsutaro says ...
Aug 21, 2016 @ 4:16pm

I forgot to mention that I'm using Tiled to get the map arrays, other than that i made it.

Aug 21, 2016 @ 10:57pm

i'm using my own library that spawned off the goal just to figure-out if i could even make an HTML5 game/engine... i chose against the term 'engine' for many reasons, as it stands, now, it's only a small set of classes to deal with annoying stuff. most of it needs serious updates, though, and i might even port it to haxe.

i've heard of tiled, but haven't gotten time to learn it. assuming i get it complete enough, i'm going to use something spawned of a large reverse-engineering project of mine. i declared it kinda sorta, already...but i'm still iffy about if i can participate. (and all my tools are way behind where they need to be) anyways, mentioned the map editor, cuz i regret having to hand-code maps in ld35...

tsutaro says ...
Aug 22, 2016 @ 4:48pm

even if it's just a handful of classes if it makes your work lighter, then you can call it an engine i guess.

Yeah tiled is really good, i export the map array into a txt file, because that way i can use it in my tilemapping engine

Aug 23, 2016 @ 9:14am

well, i chose against 'engine' after reading an article that off the top of my head, i can't remember...sorry. but the reasoning would be that: A library is just a set of classes or functions. A framework would be a collection of libraries (or one very big one, or even a middleman layer built over top them) to further streamline development processes. Then an engine... This would even furthe streamline the process, but it'd also have so many templates/formats/features available that a game could be put together in probably a couple of minutes. (a complete one ofc, still needs more time, but you could at least getting a working concept made nearly instantly with a good engine) It would take care of all the basic setup entirely by itself. My classes also don't all pull their own weight at present, and some have serious bugs.

you could export to many formats, actually. text-based and binary, just gotta know how to load and parse them.

my library:
In case you're curious or whatever

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