Ludum Dare 35 Warmup Weekend

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Sky Combat

by Levi D. Smith - Warmup Entry

I have created many Unity3D games, so I thought I would try something different for Ludum Dare 35. I've heard a lot of talk about the Godot engine, so I thought I would give it a try for myself. So far, I have figured out how to import a model and update text on the screen with a timer. I also added a particle effect which is supposed to be exhaust coming out of the tailpipes.

There are many similarities between Godot and Unity3d. Nodes are basically GameObjects, with a position, rotation, and scale. The directional light and camera work the same way as in Unity. Godot has it's own scripting language like Python, which you can attach directly to the Nodes.

I didn't have much luck with the Godot build from their site, since the requirements to make an Windows EXE is complicated and requires additional software packages to be installed. However, when I tried the Godot build from the Steam store, it builds Windows executables "out of the box".

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