Ludum Dare 34 — December 11th-14th, 2015 — Theme Tied: Two Button Controls, Growing

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Elenesski's Two Bar

by Elenesski - Compo Entry

The name of the game is TWO BAR; it's a musical "simon says" kind of game, but it's more like a hearing game. TWO BAR comes from the fact that you are playing with/hearing two bars of musical time. The purpose is to try to get to the highest level in the least amount of time. The main game implements only two controls ENTER and SPACE BAR. It starts out kind of easy, but difficulty increases and requires great timing skill to get a great score. There are only 15 levels, beyond level 8 it gets really fricken hard. (An extra level exists so that you can end the game and register your score.)

WARNING: This game can cause you to get a little dizzy/hypnotised. Just look away and your vision will return in a few moments.

I have implemented a top 40 list on a server. Yes, I wrote all this in less than 48 hours. All of the source code is available. The only EXCEPTION is that the PHP server database address and password are not included. WARNING: Passwords are stored in clear text, so don't store a real password.

(Shameless plug: I was able to implement the server quickly because I am working on EODB and NEODB, and was able to use them as a reference to write the server. All the code for this game was written from scratch in 48 hours.)

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Baknik says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 5:32am

Cool rhythm game.

siege says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 5:39am

Fun little rhythm. Spacebar felt tacked on, though

BloodJohn says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 5:39am

Enjoyable rhythm game. Still not figured out how to communicate with each other rhythm and melody.

Bogden says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:20am

Hmm, the audio doesn't seem to be working for me in Firefox.

floppya says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:22am

Nice idea for a pattern following game.

jerry111zhang says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:23am

Cool rhythm and cool game.

Elenesski says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:43am

Works fine for me in Firefox, not sure why it doesn't work for you. If it's windows, sometimes I find that the audio gets messed up.

mlepage says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:43am

I ran the web version. Played 8 of 16 levels. I play music so it wasn't too hard, but it's clever how it tricks you. Tutorial is well done. It does make you dizzy. I think it needs re-work if the concept is to be more fun. Maybe has potential as a rhythm game?

mukult says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:49am

Nice rhythm game...interesting concept!

RadMcCool says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:50am

could have used a different tile/requirement for using space bar. left me a bit confused... :/ seems pretty robust though, good job :D

Muffinhat says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:10am

Overall okay game. Might as well make a few points:

-The tutorial was extensive and detailed, but I still didn't completely understand what I was doing on the first level, since I got little to no feedback on how well I was performing. Usually if you miss a note in, say, Guitar Hero, you'll get obvious cues that you lost points.

-The art and UI elements were quite simplistic, but I thought the idea of the notes going around in a circle was quite interesting. Perhaps expand upon the circle idea in future projects.

-On the subject of UI, there wasn't a lot of screen space being used since the buttons were quite small. Often it's a good idea to expand the size of the buttons so that you're not wasting screen space. It's a minor thing, but I can see that wasn't the main focus.

-There's not much of an incentive to use the space bar other than being able to hear beats. Typically you want to give the player a reason to use the controls they're given. Perhaps instead of letting the player hold down the space bar, require them to tap the space bar on the beats as well as the enter key for the notes. That'll build a lot more rhythm-based tension to drive the challenge of the game.

Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:49am

Nice rhythm game. I like the concept of having the notes come in a circle, but it would be nice to have a clearer start/stop point, especially if each level is supposed to have a nice melody.

Elenesski says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:51am

Space bar is useful level 6 and above, otherwise, you're right, not much good before hand.

AwfulMedia says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:40am

Very cool! Quite an interesting concept. Seems kinda odd having the leaderboards displayed alongside the game instead of tucked away in a menu, but I guess you didn't really need that screen space for anything else.

Overall cool idea and good execution!

Bogden says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:45am

Got it to work. Very innovative!

ambi says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:52am

It's a little bit heavy on the information frontloading with the tutorial (a lot of reading). A solid rhythm game nonetheless.

EvanEGibbs says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:03am

The game is really fun! It's a good rhythm game. I really like that it focuses on the beat rather than the bars. The tutorial felt a little long at the beginning, but it was totally worth it. I'm not sure how else you could explain the false indicators. :)
Great job!

Elenesski says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:21am

@ambi, that's why I added the ability to just jump to the start. Thanks.

Lusmu says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:30am

Well done. Liked especially the comprehensive tutorial.

Tensoplast01 says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:32am

Nice rythm game :)

Arowx says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:47am

Great work. Might work better as a side scrolling, flappy tune game?!

MorganLeFay says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 12:13pm

Once I figured out how it works, it's a great game!

rantt says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 12:47pm

Fun game, you weren't kidding about it getting super difficult after level, nice twist though. I enjoyed it, good job!

Ildfuglen says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 1:28pm

So, this game has a really cool concept, it was a bit hard to grasp what exactly to do at the beginning, but when I got it, it got enjoyable. However the difficulty increase was too exponential for me to consider playing the game.

Graphics are sub-par, the audio is okay, and it fits really well to the theme.

I really enjoyed this submission! Great job :)

Dyn says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 1:37pm

Cool gameplay

AranHase says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 1:46pm

Nice work. That is very innovative!

v01pe says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 1:53pm

Hey! Nice idea for a rhythm game!
I just think it's super easy until the level where you have "fake beats" and then it becomes super hard. That would not be so bad, if I could just start at the hard part and then learn by failing, but instead I insta-die and have to do all at that time boring super easy levels again until I come to the interesting part.

I know time is tight on a jam, so nevertheless I think it's a very nice game! Cheers!

Gins says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 3:38pm

Interesting idea. It just seems that in the first couple of levels you can rely alone on your vision, and when the fakes come in you can rely alone on the rhythm (didn't get beyond that though, so maybe you'll have to combine both later?)

pjimmy says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 3:40pm

awesome, innovative and very entertaining, well done!

nunesbarbosa says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 4:11pm

Nice game, tutorial too extensive for its simplicity. I still don't get what the space bar key does.
The enter key does all the job.

Elenesski says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 4:25pm

@numesbarbosa, get to level 8 and you'll know what the space bar does

eerongal says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 4:46pm

Interesting concept for a game.

x92rwzb says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 6:00pm

Nice rhythm game. I like it when the notes go in circles.

ManuSaiz says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:03pm

- I love music games & this was a nice entry!
- I have bad memory, and this was a fun training!
- The tutorial was interactive, nice.

- I found the tutorial a little long.

Nice entry overall :)

knason says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:03pm

I liked this a lot, you can't fail with a music game :-) good job!

Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:05pm

Sheer class :D

im-oab says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:37pm

It will be great If It show which note already play.
It's fun and a little bit dizzy. :)

BoltKey says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:00pm

It was basically a one button game really. It was kind of boring and unsatisfying. The melodies didn't really make much of sense. I didn't really enjoy it.

tanjent says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:47pm

Could play it with eyes closed :) Really done something great with the theme. Audio games are really hard to make but I think you pulled this one off! Getting sent back to Level 1 was a bit tough and make it hard to want to progress on the harder levels.

wilsk says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:58pm

Nice rhythm game with a bit of a twist.

RPGghut says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:02pm

Nice Rhythm game, great audio and it was really fun.

Blake_Lead says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:37pm

Wow. A really great game you did there. thank you

marod says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:40pm

It's a really really nice game. Innovative and I can see it on mobile devices.

MHaton says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:53pm

Pretty good! Potential to be worked into something interesting. I felt just randomly making the images nearly useless after level 6 was a bit of an artificial way to hike the difficulty suddenly though. There were also a couple of places where the notes weren't really in the right place to fit any sort of rhythm, which is a bit mean in a rhythm game.

When I tried to submit my score, it informed me that I can't have any letters in my username. This makes recording it a bit difficult! Explains why there's nobody on the leaderboard at least. Props for trying to implement that from scratch in a Jam though, very ambitious.

Peekotus says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:14am

Fun rythm game :D

_benhumphries says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:23am

Cool game. Honestly, it became tedious to listen using the space bar. I just wanted to try to get the rhythm without listening for fakes first.

Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:01am

The colors started merging together when I stared at the bars too long. Trippy!
Got to lv8 the first time but the second and third time all my vision is messed up.
Very cool!

pontooncity says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 2:21am

Fun. Almost got bored of it before it got to the 'tricks' they're key to it and needing the spacebar.

nopogo says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 11:05am

Really like the fact you went with a rhythm game, original! Also clever to incorporate a high score. At first I didn't see the need for the space bar. But then you threw in false notes and I had a gotcha moment. :)

Leaghorn says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:05pm

Very interesting idea

Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:19pm

Nice concept!

Crosstales says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:39pm

Love it!

local306 says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 5:02pm

10/10 Made IE crash afterwards; would play again!

Tasgardyen says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 5:13pm

Nice game. I like the levels of difculty.

JanGames says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 8:03pm

Nice game, the rotating made me a little dizzy but i like it a lot, especially once the tricks start so you need to concentrate on the rhythm and not the visuals.

Taffaz says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 8:04pm

That was a cool take on a rhythm game. I enjoyed it.

Pixel Pub says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 9:56pm

that´s a nice idea for a rhytm game. :-)

Dec 16, 2015 @ 3:07am

Nice on-theme rhythm game. Gets really hard later on. Not sure if the fakes were always differentiated by colour (since I'm somewhat colour-blind).

Mikhail says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 4:28am

Loved the game great job!

the31 says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 4:28am

Interesting idea. I think I might have preferred if the two keys were each different lines of melody--it seemed a bit simple. For me, the simplicity didn't make it easy, though! I found it pretty hard to keep the rhythm in my head. Maybe I'm trying to self-analyze too much, but it seems like the notes seemed kinda random and distracted me from the drum rhythm I was trying to replicate. Some unique "the circle is repeating!" sound would have been very useful too. The beats just didn't seem meaningful in my mind, so I couldn't keep track of the whole circle.

A nitpick (although small things like this matter in rhythm games): the beat seemed to come before a hit could be accepted. If I followed the rhythm like I would in another game, I would hit snares (even when just learning in space mode).

I really like the tutorial, by the way. A ton of games (mine most certainly included) aren't easy to play as self-contained games, but this one certainly was.

All in all, cool game, I just think the core gameplay could have used some extra things to make the patterns more memorable. Nice job!

Logicon says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 5:13am

Cool game, some times the patterns weren't super easy to follow, little out of rhythm. Neat idea, and unique take on the themes!

VideoDog says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 9:32am

Really cool take on a rhythm game!

LittleThor says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 12:18pm

Well made and interesting concept. Nice work on the score ladder!
Try to improve your art skills!

Husky says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 2:11pm

Af first, I really have no idea, but when I figured out how to play it when the rhyme, it started like a thing, I love to see different ideas, it's really interesting!

ImYellowFish says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 3:35pm

The first music game i saw in LD. Nice work! love the player-friendly space control. If the music could have more variations (like adding bass when space is not pressed) i guess it will be more exciting to play.

danidre14 says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 3:49pm

Wow! Nice rhythm game! :D

Dec 16, 2015 @ 10:03pm

Good use of the space bar to reveal the correct pattern rather than just following the colored blocks. Enter key seemed a bit "sticky" in the tutorial but worked fine in the actual game.

KunoNoOni says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 11:09pm

That was a very cool game! felt very complete and the audio was superb. I liked how in later levels some of the colors were fake. Really made you relay on your ears and not your eyes.

vicious_br says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 1:35am

Great job. I would like to take this opportunity to ask a favor. You already rated my game, but I was not allowed "innovation rating." Please could you assess this item now? Take the opportunity to play with some corrections. Very thanks:

EwChap says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 1:52am

Very cool game. I love the built in safety of the space-bar. Really makes the mistakes 100% on the player, this is a very good mechanic. great work

broknecho says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 5:20am

Really neat timing concept. The idea of fake sounds is really cool too. Syncing the music notes with the visual cues is tough. Not sure if there needs to be an audio sync like in guitar hero but I found the notes to be pretty close to what I saw.

Good job!

candlesan says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 7:55am

Some interesting music and rhythm ideas here.

Jimbly says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 3:29pm

Fun, quite challenging!
"Username cannot contain a J character". But, that's the first character in my name! (Yeah, I realized it meant it couldn't contain capital letters, but it really seemed to be signalling me out!)

Ghen says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 4:36pm

really enjoyed it!, cool concept with the twist on rhythm game

Sir Magic says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 9:01pm

Interesting little game, nice tunes as well.

NirabazGAMES says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 9:24pm

good idea

Dec 20, 2015 @ 12:08am

Nice game!

Using the space bar to 'hear' seemed a bit strange until the 'fake' notes are introduced, then suddenly the idea of using your memory of the pattern rather than what you're seeing clicks and it seems really interesting!

Only complaint is going all the way back to the start when you run out of lives!

dregamr says ...
Dec 26, 2015 @ 4:40pm

Cool game. Not bad :)

crucknuk says ...
Dec 26, 2015 @ 5:47pm

Nice entry! I did not see the point of using the space bar at first, but then it made sense once bar may be fake! I find the idea interesting, but I was bad at it, I could not defeat level 9 ><' Anyway, good job !

Jan 15, 2016 @ 2:30pm

Really nice game! I included it in my Ludum Dare 34 compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out :)

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