Ludum Dare 34 — December 11th-14th, 2015 — Theme Tied: Two Button Controls, Growing

NOTE: Because of the Theme tie, we allowed everyone to pick either Theme. Using both was optional. To keep things simple, there will still only be one Theme category. Every category in Ludum Dare voting is an opinion, so you’re welcome to rate them as you see fit. But we encourage you to be fair in your scores to people that chose only one Theme, and not both.

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Growing Ties

by drludos - Jam Entry

You run a tie shop. Patrons want to get custom ties.
Can you cut a tie at the right size for each one of your patrons?

Use Right Arrow key to grow a tie. Use Left Arrow key to cut it. The tie will fall down, and hopefully reach a patron.
(Alternatively, you can use Up Arrow / Down Arrow or Z / X or D / F keys if you prefer)

Be careful to cut right-sized ties!
A perfect-sized tie matches the height of the patron’s shirt.
You'll get 10 points for such a perfectly fitting tie, but less points if the tie is too long or too short. Of course, Patrons varies greatly in size and shape!

Cut several perfect ties in a row to get bonus "combo" points.

N.B.: As with all Flash-based game, the fullscreen mode doesn't work when the game is embedded here on Ludum Dare. To play fullscreen, use the link below to play the game on my website!


Obviously, for this game, I choose to use "both themes", alongside with the bonus theme of "it’s a tie"! I hope you’ll like it! :)

I was originally planning on entering the compo, but I lacked time this weekend, so I submit it for the Jam. So everything was made from scratch for this compo, except the music.

As I lack any knowledge of how to compose music, I then choose to use a previously existing track coming from NewGrounds audio section (the sound effects were made by me using BFXR, but as I opted out of the audio category anyway, I decided to also use some SFX coming from my previous LD entries).

Made with Flash (AS3) / FlashDevelop in about 24h of work in total.


Downloads and Links




davesoft says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:11pm

Hm, do you have the source? I'll rate it after seeing it.

Viza says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:23pm

Hey, that is a pretty fun game!

kepons says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:26pm

Very interesting concept and great execution. The graphics and sounds aren't anything special, but I find them appropriate for this type of game.

Zanthia says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:29pm

I love this game ! I think I could spend hours growing ties to the perfect size !

fluidvolt says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 8:50pm

You really thought of everything, theme-wise! Interesting idea, a lot harder than I thought it would be -- I think I got one well-sized tie in my first go-round. I love the image of a tie coming out, it's like an ice cream nozzle.

sergicollado says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 11:35pm

To much fun game!

blohod says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 11:37pm

Very fun, I love your use of the three themes!

floppya says ...
Dec 14, 2015 @ 11:40pm

I had a lot of fun playing this one. Great implementation of the themes.

Dec 14, 2015 @ 11:48pm

This is solid across the board. Great idea and implementation! Nailed it.

hexagore says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:03am

5 stars for fun. I loved this.

kozmagre says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:10am

Awesome idea. =D

im-oab says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:18am

nice. easy to understand/ play. :)

kevin_pauly says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 12:18am

really funny idea!

Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:39am

Wonderful game. I left a longer response on the actual newgrounds page.

rsf-krx says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 3:54am

The game was fun. I wish that it was "endless" and you had a health that got reduced for every tie outside a certain threshold, maybe not outside perfect, but maybe anything that gave 6 or lower points

esayitch says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 5:00am

Very awesome concept and execution. Great usage of both themes. All in all a very, very solid entry :) Can't think of anyway to improve it honestly. Maybe add more patron-types?

Good luck!

arzi says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 9:51am

Best use of the themes so far! Also, I like the chart at the end :)

Tetha says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:29am

Good job on making some non-intrusive use of two button controls :)

MrMordem says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 1:37pm

simple yet really fun, the concept is original, plus a nice use of both themes well done !

Tipyx says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 4:47pm

Ah ah ah. I'm wondering what I'll rate in the theme categorie :p. Good job :)

punkto says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 8:44pm

I don't use Flash... :(

Ittai Manero says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 9:31pm

Nice! Loved how you combined the "three" themes, hahaha

DustyStylus says ...
Dec 15, 2015 @ 10:40pm

Excellent! Really excellent! A genious idea, and a cool implementation (though I'd say 'hold' right arrow rather than 'use' right arrow... at first nothing was happening). But seriously this is the sort of game I look forward to in LD, really good fun.

Muel says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 2:39am

You approach on the theme was fanTIEstic!

local306 says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 4:45pm

Super neat tie growing mechanic!

banana4life says ...
Dec 16, 2015 @ 6:05pm

Great work!

Dec 16, 2015 @ 7:21pm

Great theme use and very fun!

danidre14 says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 1:43am

Really simplistic and cool game.

Like how you made a mixture of the theme:
Two buttons---------|

Lullaby says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 10:58am

This is a so cool idea, the game is really great well done!!! Loved it :p

(coucou d'indiemag!)

axoona says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 11:37am

very good entry!

David Cookie says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 11:50am

Excellent idea! Didn't think of this "tie" theme ^^
Too bad there's no sound though :/
Great job!

davidB says ...
Dec 17, 2015 @ 1:05pm

My first game with fun!

_HopFrog says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 2:07am

This was really fun to play! Although a bit challenging... Apparently I suck at telling the correct height of the shirts lol

teamvr says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 5:02am

I jammed out on this title. Much stars.

Big Cow says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 12:25pm

Um...WOW! Brilliant idea, excellently executed. This was fun, simple, addictive, funny and innovative. Jolly well done!

Manu & Wan says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 3:38pm

157- Hey there's a performance chart! Neato.

A very original and unexpectedly fun game.

Dejvo says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 7:02pm

oo noice idea. i had a simmilar one :D also, i really fancy the graph at the end :)

GhostBomb says ...
Dec 18, 2015 @ 8:56pm

I like it. Simple but fun.

Eduardo says ...
Dec 19, 2015 @ 5:08pm

That's funny. A really good catch on the theme! good job!

wooltech says ...
Dec 20, 2015 @ 2:19am

Brilliant! Such a simple idea, but it feel fun and lasts just long enough.

Also well done on the bad pun using all three themes!

AndreasL says ...
Dec 21, 2015 @ 11:40am

Fun idea! Been playing this a bit on Newgrounds ever since I posted my game there. I seem to be terrible at it but the gameplay still bring me back.
Original idea, works with with the theme I think. Good job!

ddr2 says ...
Dec 21, 2015 @ 2:13pm

that theme oO 5/7 perfect score ;)

randomhuman says ...
Dec 21, 2015 @ 4:42pm

I wish I coulf give you more than 5 stars for theme ;) Great game.

scorched says ...
Dec 22, 2015 @ 8:45pm

Nice sense of humour! Solid game! Perfect! :-)

JoseArias says ...
Dec 24, 2015 @ 2:52pm

I loved it!

karlipoppins says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 7:59pm

This was amazing, perfect across the board.

WizzardMaker says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:01pm

Great Game! I had a high score of 157 Points, I dont know if its good, or bad, but I have it. I wish the ties ad a momentum, they just stop after cutting them of, in real life physics the cut object inherits the speed of the cutting object, just to let you know. You probably already knew, but hey I missed that part.

Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:10pm

Short, sweet, to the point. At least, most of my ties were too short. Great idea, would love to see it fleshed out a bit.

Leon Möhring says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:21pm

very cool and funny idea and turned out to be a great minigame!

ZpeedTube says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:22pm

Love it, can't really come up whit anything to improve! ^^

brainstorm says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:32pm

Really cute game, combining the aim mechanic with the growing one was a great choice!


Dec 27, 2015 @ 8:52pm

Very fun to play and good use of the theme.

acotis says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 9:23pm

Haha, great concept! I had to take a theme star away because of "press space to continue" instead of "press one of the two buttons to continue" though ;)

vortex says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 9:40pm

Your game is really fun and I like the graphics. A slight improvement in my opinion would be if you had some sort time pressure, but apart from that, great game!

Nizar89 says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 9:50pm

Very fun to play :)

xWarZonex says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 9:57pm

I LOVE THIS GAME! I like how you interpreted the theme. The gameplay was really addicting, and the sounds and graphics fit perfectly! My favorite feature was the google charts after each round, that was great. Good Job.

Milo says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 10:06pm

This game was really fun! The combo mechanic makes it really addictive, I think. Also, I'm glad I now know what to expect when tie shopping!

Tijn says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 10:29pm

A very nice entry! I was genuinely laughing :D

Dec 27, 2015 @ 10:40pm

hahaha really funny and addicting... would have been cool to have seen some variety in people and maybe tie attributes :P this game deserves a full release to mobile or something

Jwatt says ...
Dec 27, 2015 @ 11:41pm

This is actually quite well done and solid. Now that this exists, I finally have a game for which to give 5 stars in Theme.

The performance chart at the end is much appreciated, would hope more of these kinds of high scoring games displayed some stats.

Foofanoo42 says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:19am

Wonderful. I love a man with a long torso.

herniewise says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:39am

My favourite take on the theme so far, nice game!

eskivor says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:54am

5 stars, I love it !

Xanjos says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 2:12am

Absolutely fun entry to play plus great use of both themes.

Dec 28, 2015 @ 7:11am

hahaha I just realized my earlier comment is irrelevant as I found this game via your mobile release post and didn't even realize it! I will download and play now! thanks :D

Benjamin says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 10:40am

Very fun game ! You choose very appropriate sounds for the ties.

dx0ne says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 10:42am

I think it's the weirdest take on themes(all three ;)). Fun and challenging.

anael says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 10:57am

Funny :)

justinooncx says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:44pm

Very polished game, challenging but fun gameplay, and interesting take on the theme! Well done!

felixreeve says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 2:35pm

Great entry and theme use! Funny too, which is great! Really like the graph at the end of each try which shows more than just a high score

Aurel Bílý says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 2:46pm

What an odd idea for a game. But it's fun, I like it :)

Dec 28, 2015 @ 3:39pm

Very nice! Perfectly fits the theme ;)

Starspell says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 4:10pm

Excellent game. I love the concepts and the use of the themes. Very impressed with the graph statistics at the end.

MikeTsunami says ...
Dec 28, 2015 @ 8:34pm

Funny game and really like the use of all "three" themes. =)

yuigoto says ...
Dec 30, 2015 @ 1:45am

Man, this is fun and challenging! Great use of the "three" themes too! You also got the perfect mood for the game!

Nice work on the pixelart, the whole concept, the controls and thanks for the fun! :D

BoltKey says ...
Dec 30, 2015 @ 2:39am

I really liked it. The idea was great, it was smooth, it was addictive and it just worked. Good job!

The only complaint is that there is no restart button.

Studiosaurus says ...
Dec 30, 2015 @ 3:17pm

Pretty fun! The perfect tie length is a bit shorter than the full length of the shirt on some of them, but yeah, really good otherwise!

Tapehead says ...
Jan 2, 2016 @ 3:59pm

this is a funny game!!! well done!

Sir Magic says ...
Jan 2, 2016 @ 7:38pm

Good game, fun to play and an interesting concept, well done!

Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:12pm

Fun, well made game! I included it in my Ludum Dare 34 compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out :)

Jan 4, 2016 @ 6:05pm

This is a really unique concept. cute game.

Jan 4, 2016 @ 6:20pm

That was really good! I really loved the simple yet interesting and challenging gameplay to this. Once I got down the length/guy's shirt I starting pulling off some combos! (Although I couldn't help myself in making THE LONGEST TIE EVER MADE. Must of pressed the tie making key at least 200 times.)

Also the performance chart at the end was a lovely addition, it really does make you want to come back and better your score and combo chain.

Overall top quality stuff!

Zanzlanz says ...
Jan 4, 2016 @ 7:32pm

I really like it! It's a funny game, with a really simple fun mechanic ;) Excellent job with the polish to the game.

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