Ludum Dare 34 Warmup Weekend

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Fire Punch Man

by juaxix - Warmup Entry

Project Intro:
It's the first game that I make with Unreal (4.10),I was just following a tutorial and adding stuff to it, and this is the result, pretty much simplistic, but it's for a warm-up, right?, and you have the source ;)

Well, I've just started to love this engine, and how easy it is to add AAA things that could be a pain to do using other engines hehehe

Unreal 4.10 Sources:
Ah, in order to use the source, you have to open the project in UDK4.10+, add the default StarterContent from an new empty project and assign mats to the P_Dust particle system (cause StarterContent is 600MB!).

If you want, drop some ideas to build on top of the current...cause with all the new stuff, it's lacking of game design right now.

Game Controls:
you can control the game with
- gamepad: first stick to move char, second to move cam, first button (A or X) to jump, second button (X or Square) to fire-punch
- keyboard+mouse: W,A,S,D or arrows to move, space to jump, mouse click to fire-punch

Gameplay features:
nothing, XD really, just a test of physics, materials, blueprints, models, animations, particles, sounds, all and everything new for me from this cool and powerful engine!

Info about the Development:
Made in 2days approx., using the latest Unreal 4 tutorials and the unreal standard assets.

Game dev Ideas:
I think a gameplay element to be added could be like a cannon that launch balls to the char and you have to punch them and turn to pieces!, after a round of ,let's say 9 balls, you are the cannon and you have to shoot at targets in the sky, punching balls in the ground, then alternate randomly this two game modes, using different physics materials ,with different physics properties for each ball (and ball materials ofc). So it could be like a 3d ball time-limited shooter...but need more work in gameplay,gamedesign,fun elements, and whatever, what are you doing reading this instead of playing and leaving me a cool comment!,i'll reply you with another one...

Sanoiara baby:
^_^ k,ty , and have fun!

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