Ludum Dare 32 — April 17th-20th, 2015 — Theme: An Unconventional Weapon

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by sorlok - Compo Entry

Explore a strange new world with a fresh take on conventional RPG mechanics!

- Arrow keys move.
- "T" = accept/interact
- "R" = cancel

About the theme:
- My idea with "unconventional weapon" was to take "conventional" RPG mechanics and try to shake things up. So, no physical attacks whatsoever, a clever magic leveling system, and 4 wildly different elements than the usual. Does it work? You will be the judge of that (literally).

General stuff:
- To select a spell category, HOLD an arrow key and press "T".
- Pay attention to enemy hit-boxes! Also, some attack just won't damage enemies if your overall level is too low.

Known issues with the "Compo" version:
- If you get stuck (esp. on a rock), mash the arrow keys randomly until you escape.
- If you get stuck on a rock while in battle, you may have soft-locked the game.
- The battles are very slow, and some of the enemies are far too difficult.

Thanks so much for playing my game!

Bugfix Change Note
The linked version is post-compo, with the following changes, marked "Post LD hack" in the source:

These are minor playability fixes, but if you are concerned with this affecting your judgement of the game, please use the compo version linked below.

All post-compo versions:

Downloads and Links




tentabrobpy says ...
Apr 20, 2015 @ 2:54am

Nooo! Beaten by the blue guy! Well, I'm not too much of an RPG fan so my voting's already going to be a bit negatively biased..That being said, I like the bouncy graphics and I like the bouncy music! I wouldnt say this game is perfect but it has a nice feel to it!

sorlok says ...
Apr 20, 2015 @ 12:35pm

@tentabrobpy: Thanks for the feedback! I realize the genre's not for everyone, but I'm glad you liked the aesthetics!

Pixel Heart says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 2:59am

Extremely cool little RPG!

sorlok says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 3:03am

@Pixel Heart: Glad you liked it!

ss64games says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 3:18am

Very ambitious to make an RPG system during the jam. I like that you including different AoE's in your system. My biggest criticism is that there was a long delay waiting for the enemy to attack between each of my attacks. I also ran into a problem when I ran out of MP and went to select a spell there was no way to back out and wait for my MP to recharge. I love that you animated all the trees and rocks. Good job getting so much content in!

jesterswilde says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 3:29am

Seems like a really good direction. Extremely impressive for a 48 hour compo. Instantly reminds me of Quest 64. More speed would be helpful.

cdgugler says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 4:08am

Great game! Very upbeat with the bouncy graphics and music, I liked that. Cool battle mechanics, although the battles seemed a little slow.

aeveis says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 4:31am

I was able to beat it after continuing when dying against the first fish guy. I grinded to get all the level powers to see what they would do, but some of them didn't work or didn't seem to do anything. I thought demi-quartz would end up as something where it got cheaper and more powerful the more you used it. In the end I mostly relied on the first and last red powers.

There was also this thing where if you used a spell against three people, it seems to drain more mp than it was supposed to, and sometimes the blue bar would go negative. There were also times where I thought I had run out of mp and was stuck, but I could still use ray even if it didn't do any damage (so I would use it to buy time until I had regen-ed enough mp to make an actual attack)

I think there were some interesting ideas with the elements - it could be cool if there were better trade offs. good job!

Garris says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 5:48am

I died pretty quickly. The music and sound was really well done, and I did really enjoy that everything was dancing. While turn-based combat isn't really my thing, it was an impressive system to have put together in a LD game.

Mantlair says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 10:03am

Ill check this one when i get home! And your profile is John so you will start with some extra points!!

sorlok says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 12:43pm

Thanks all for the feedback!

@ss64games: Good point about the battle speed. Regarding MP, you should always have at least 1 (there's a safety in there so you can always cast Quartz level 1). Glad you liked the animated world!

@jesterswilde: Yes! Someone caught the homage to Quest 64!

@cdgugler: Glad you liked the aesthetic of the world. I agree battles are too slow, esp. when grinding.

@aeveis: Some of the "flash" spells upgrade your STR and AGI, but there are a *lot* of not-quite-finished spells. There was supposed to be a secret with demi-quartz in that if you learned enough about it you would unlock a totally new type of magic: "Mimic". There are still hints to this scattered around the world, but I didn't get time to implement it. Also, I think you just figured out an MP bug I was puzzled by! Thanks!

@Garris: The battles definitely need balance; and there was supposed to be a "run away from battle" mechanic, but I didn't have time to add it. Glad you liked the dancing world!

@Mantlair: Hope you like it! This game has all the elements. All of them.

PapaCheech says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 11:11pm

Nice! Charming graphics and a cool idea. Jamming arrow keys to escape isn't a bug.. Its a feature!
Nice job.

bentglasstube says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 11:56pm

The battle system was interesting but perhaps a bit slow. I liked the music.

Goutye says ...
Apr 21, 2015 @ 11:57pm

A little bit hard to beat the blue one, but I succeed. But the fight are really looooong because of mana. You can't recover your mana point fast enough, so I died some times against the blue one x) Good animations!

CowShark says ...
Apr 22, 2015 @ 12:03am

Got stuck against a rock during the fight with first blue guy. Couldn't move after that.

BlakeB says ...
Apr 22, 2015 @ 1:43am

Controls were a little confusing and the fact that the enemies had no limit on their attack range while the player was limited bothered me a little. Solid as a game concept though, clean it up, throw on some non-programmer graphics and you might have something. Music was quite good.

sorlok says ...
Apr 22, 2015 @ 12:15pm

Thanks all for the feedback!

@PapaCheech: Glad you liked it!

@bentglasstube: Yep, the slow battle system is something I definitely need to fix.

@Goutye: Congrats on beating the blue guy! Mana recovery is faster on the overworld (+25 every so often), but I agree that if you run out of MP in battle it becomes real tedious real fast. Definitely needs some tweaking to the MP mechanics!

@CowShark: That's actually the same place I got stuck, and (of course) it happened while recording the demo video. Collisions need some work, sorry you got stuck!

@BlakeB: Enemies were supposed to have ranges on spells, and you were supposed to be able to move after casting as well as before (to make those long-range spells more useful). Sadly, I didn't have time to program either of these things. Glad you could still enjoy the concept despite its shortcomings!

SpringCabal says ...
Apr 22, 2015 @ 12:47pm

Weird graphics and controls. Music wasn't bad, but didn't fit that well in that setting. Rui didn't have much fun as the combat was slow. I think maybe you should've stuck to story telling, which was OK.

sorlok says ...
Apr 22, 2015 @ 2:28pm

@SpringCabal: Glad you enjoyed the story telling! The combat definitely needs work; thanks for the feedback on that.

TeamCalcium says ...
Apr 23, 2015 @ 12:30pm

Nice rpg! Enjoyed playing this.

sorlok says ...
Apr 23, 2015 @ 1:14pm

@TeamCalcium: Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Mantlair says ...
Apr 23, 2015 @ 4:44pm

Idea is good. A kind of old classic rpgs. But it would be nice if skill definitions were there. I had no idea what i was doing while choosing them. And a do nothing button for mana regen. But generally its not bad. By the way it doesnt wored on my 32 bit pc do i had to play this on another 64 bit.

Shivur says ...
Apr 23, 2015 @ 6:34pm

Interesting concept. Maybe some way to avoid to fight the high level ennemies you can't damage. Also better ways to not get stuck in collision.

uheartbeast says ...
Apr 24, 2015 @ 1:16am

Really cool! I'd love to see you take this further.

tummyache says ...
Apr 24, 2015 @ 1:26am

It's a really cool combat system, reminded me of Parasite Eve. It's a little unfinished maybe? It looks like some of the spells have no effect. Otherwise it's a pretty great game, the graphics are a bit standard but they have they've got character, which is better than them being high quality but boring.

sorlok says ...
Apr 24, 2015 @ 3:03am

@Mantlair: All the ideas you mentioned are really good! I had wanted to add skill descriptions but ran out of time. (FYI, if you build from source it will work on 32-bit systems, although building from source can be a pain).

@Shivur: I originally wanted to make it so that leaving the fight area would cause you to run away, but ran out of time. Also, sorry about the buggy collisions, that's definitely my own lack of skill showing.

@uheartbeast: Glad you liked it!

@tummyache: Glad you liked it! Parasite Eve's combat was geared more towards the horror genre, but there are definite similarities! Wish I could have added weapon upgrades like PE. And, yes, some of the spells are unfortunately unfinished (or worse, buggy).

Dorgam says ...
Apr 25, 2015 @ 1:05am

I liked the combat system, if anything it is a little slow.

Apr 25, 2015 @ 1:15am

Good gameplay concept (similar to pokemon) but it didn't feel well executed; player size and enemy size made positioning or spell decision almost irrelevant. Battle speed also felt slow while enemies were attacking.

Logicon says ...
Apr 25, 2015 @ 1:27am

fun and inventive. having combat go faster would have been good. encountered a bug and stuck in a tree. I had a hard time targeting the Santa turkeys.

good job!

crazyrems says ...
Apr 25, 2015 @ 9:46am

The blue guy beats me, but I didn't wanted to continue the battle, so I selected NO, and... I resumed the story :O
That was clever.

Apr 25, 2015 @ 4:51pm

Not bad. An RPG is pretty ambitious for Ludum Dare! I like the inventive elemental stuff instead of just the usual fire, lightning, ice etc. The pacing of the battles is a bit too slow in my opinion. Good job overall!

Supernaught says ...
Apr 26, 2015 @ 6:31am

sweet game egbert! :D

mathmadlen says ...
Apr 26, 2015 @ 12:56pm

wow, that's an ambitious project! The combination of the graphics and music is nice, the control system, unlike in most rpgs, is straightforward. Very impressive!

sorlok says ...
Apr 26, 2015 @ 8:37pm

@all: Thanks for all the helpful and constructive comments! I'm through about half your games!

@Dorgam: Glad you liked it! I wish I had made the combat system faster; that seems to be the main complaint (and it's a valid one!).

@monkeedude1212: The spell attack areas were supposed to affect the gameplay more, kind of like a mixed RPG and RTS. Sadly, it didn't mix as well as I'd have liked.

@Logicon: Sorry you got stuck in a tree! Regarding the hitboxes, I made the mistake of using the same collision mask for walking collisions and for spell detection. This means you really had to target the enemies' feet ---which isn't really that intuitive.

@crazyrems: Yeah, I kind of cheated on behalf of the player and made Game Overs impossible --if you die 10 times you'll have "-1" continues and can keep continuing. :P Basically, I realized too late that the blue guys ambushing you might be too frustrating, so I tried to compensate.

@ArcturusDeluxe: Glad you liked the elements, I'm really proud of them! The game was a bit too ambitious for 48h, but I'm glad what I was able to produce was fun!

@Supernaught: This is exactly why babies should not be allowed to dual-wield XBox 360 controllers!

@mathmadlen: Glad you liked it! The control scheme went through a few different phases --I'm really happy that you found it easy to control!

jacobturn says ...
Apr 26, 2015 @ 9:44pm

i was killed by the blue dude aswell

rogberth says ...
Apr 27, 2015 @ 5:24pm

This is an impresive game engine you made. I don't really like the graphic style but I do like how everything is bouncy. Sound is great.
Great job done here!

alyphen says ...
May 2, 2015 @ 4:27pm

I didn't really get the theme in this one, but it was fun to play - the combat system was interesting, the enemies seemed to have infinite range while you didn't though, so some fights could be a bit unfair. You could just "continue" and autowin fights though, so there's not too much difficulty. There was a lot of content here compared to most LD games, so congrats on that.

Omiya Games says ...
May 6, 2015 @ 12:42am

Note: played the Compo version.

Those enemies has the longest of the longest ranged attacks. Also, the MP meter depletes more than the "attack uses" indicator indicates. Some status window letting me know the character's strengths would have helped.

Oh well, had a bit of fun, anyways. Reminded me of a lot of Quest 64. ...I don't know if that's a good thing.

nameoftheuser says ...
May 9, 2015 @ 12:19am

I really like the battle mechanic. A lot like a game on the nintendo 64 called quest 64@

Embalaje says ...
May 11, 2015 @ 9:11am

Very well executed! Nice battle system clean and well programmed. Also enjoied the music.
A lot of work here. Cool game!

Andrea says ...
May 11, 2015 @ 10:02am

Nice game with sort of new rpg element that were well thought! I wish the graphics were better, it looks a little to naive for my taste, but overall nice work!

sorlok says ...
May 11, 2015 @ 11:36pm

@jacobturn: Oh no, another victim to the blue guy!

@rogberth: Glad you found some things to like in the game!

@alyphen: Thank you! I wish I had time to program in enemy attack ranges; you're right, the fights are quite unfair.

@Omiya Games: Thanks for playing; I think you ran into nearly every single bug in the game. Glad you found some things to like in it regardless!

@nameoftheuser: Yep, it's an homage to Quest 64! Very observant!

@Embalaje: Glad you liked it! It was a bit more ambitious than I expected!

@Andrea: I also wish I was better at graphic design. ;) Glad you liked the mechanic!

sorlok says ...
May 11, 2015 @ 11:36pm

@all: And with that, I've rated all your entries too. Thanks so much all; I really enjoyed this LD!

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