Ludum Dare 29 — April 25th-28th Weekend — Theme: Beneath the Surface

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by Simon@LD - Jam Entry

Oops, you fell in a hole and ended up in cave! Making matters worse: it's a cave filled with evil creatures that will try to kill you... Thank god you're a wizard! You can fight the creatures off with your magical fireballs! However, eventually you'd like to get out of this darn cave... you can build a magical tower to get to the hole you fell through. The evil creatures wouldn't like to see their lunch leaving, so some of them will attack your tower if it isn't strong enough. Build your tower high enough in order to escape the cave!

Created by first time LD participants:
- Pieterjan Bartels (s0217391)
- Simon Chuptys (Simon@LD)
- Jeroen De Coninck (Yarr)
- Stijn De Haes (stijndehaes)

WASD/arrows to move, hold leftmousebutton to cast magic projectiles.

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Foofur says ...
Apr 28, 2014 @ 6:41pm

Jeej, nederland! :D

The idea with the towers is quite innovative. Also liked the menu with the shop thingy, makes the whole game a lot more interesting. However I think the graphics could have been better. Would like to see you guys upload a post-compo version of this. Good job

Keehan12 says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 7:47am

could do with some tweaking of art but was a nice little idea! needs polishing

rogberth says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:00am

Good game, I actually played a long time. Challenging and difficult. The graphics were ok, 3D yet maybe the enemies where too simple. Music was nice. Good job, one of the best games I tried so far.

mir007 says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:04am

I think this is a pretty innovative idea. Good on you!

ruerob says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:06am

That was a really great game. It was a lot of fun playing through the waves and hoping to survive with low energy. Maybe the prices for the tower elements could have been a little different.

chase says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:18am

That was actually quite fun, I spent a good amount of time destroying the evil creatures.

BuKaneerz says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:43am

Nice job ! Cool music
Need polishing, i like the explosion of cube when you hit something (:

dsoft20 says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:50am

Nice game, I really love that textureless lowpoly graphics :D

stephan_h says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 8:50am

Haha, that music. Great!
Good idea and execution.
Some more polish would go a long way here, I think. (GUI skin, info or winning screen after survival of a wave, display of enemies alive, perhaps visual indicator of whereabouts of the enemies...)
But the game is already fun as it is.

pereubu says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 9:21am

Solid entry, the concept is neat :D
It may lacks of some juicy effects but it was really cool to play :D

SoupWithBits says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 10:52am

So different! With some juice, I would buy it!

SirJson says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 1:45pm

Cool game!

sam101 says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 1:49pm

Nice game, the idea with the towers is nice, the art is good without being exceptional. Good job !

Blokatt says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 1:54pm

MY GOD, this is one the best LD games I've played so far.
I hope you guys are proud of yourselves, because this is seriously awesome.

Lee1121 says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 1:57pm

This was fun :).
I would've loved a minimap though, I got backstabbed way too often ;).

Exergy says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 1:59pm

I really enjoyed playing this!

GamerTaters says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 2:02pm

I really liked this game. Found myself playing it for a while. I'd keep working on this one if you feel so inclined. It's definitely fun!

Mekuri says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 9:17pm

I loved this game. I beat it on my 2nd try, after understanding the different "monsters" better. I'm a sucker for TD type games, but this one was very innovative! Love it all the way. You should consider developing this game further, but by adding new mobs, tower pieces and even spells! Very great game!! Some sound effects would definitely add to the game as well!

recursor says ...
Apr 29, 2014 @ 9:29pm

I like upgrade games and this one was pretty fun. It got hectic fairly quickly, and I wanted to climb up into the tower to get away from those little nasties. Alas, I had to fight them from the ground. Nice job.

MyrddinsOwl says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 12:15am

Hey guys! This was fun! I don't think I've played a tower d game with first person mode. Super fun and I'd love to see it developed. I had a little trouble with the aiming sensitivity, but I'm also a console guy and bad with mouse keyboard in the first place. The enemies reminded me of SNES starfox bosses. This is a good thing. Well done!

Apr 30, 2014 @ 1:06am

Fun game. Was there really any point to buying the "Sturdy" tower section? I got through just fine with only arrows and cannons. Those buzz-saw enemies packed a punch, I constantly found myself checking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't going to get surrounded by them.

eskivor says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 1:42am

Nice, but I don't like the music.

SuperMsp10 says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 2:06am

wow lots of fun might need a little bit of balancing but lots of fun

MarsBar says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 5:30am

Nice game, I really enjoyed the visuals and audio. was a lot of fun and addicting as heck :) Great tower defence idea!

hamster_mk_4 says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 5:51am

The blender guys were a bit too powerful for too little reward. Also once the tower got high enough the projectiles were almost ineffective.

akymos says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 8:08am

With a little graphic improvement would have been a great game...pretty interesting gameplay!! Good job...

Apr 30, 2014 @ 9:24am


x1212 says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 9:56am

Wow ... those small ones were the most painfull ones!
Nice Game!

snooze82 says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 10:06am

neat idea - tower defense meets ego shooter :D

Apr 30, 2014 @ 12:37pm

I love the idea, it's totally soul crushing when you lose a tower piece after building it up so high!

Love the music too :D

TeamInCharge says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 2:38pm

Supervet spel! :)

Music reminds me of the old dos game Ascendancy. Game constantly makes you paranoid... are there chainsaw octagons chasing me? aaaaaah!

Was fun, thx :)

BuriTeam says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 2:49pm

Really, really fun!

tacs says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 4:33pm

I like the idea. After my first game I did hit a bug that let me build for free and so win in 0 turns. Still, very nice!

InfectionTeam says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 7:23pm

The art style of the cavern or whatever you want to call it rather appeals to me! I wasn't so keen on the appearance of the tower or the enemies though (except for the one with the spinning blade in his centre, that dude was menacing!) Gameplay could use some spice, but it's pretty enjoyable already as it is!

Brick says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 8:04pm

I really liked this game, with better graphics and a few tweaks to the mechanics then this could certainly go beyond Ludum Dare.

Apr 30, 2014 @ 9:17pm

Really liked this, it was really fun. Definitely could go further yet with polish. Fun take on a tower defense game.

Ragzouken says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 9:52pm

really liked the music, and the cool feeling of progression from building the tower. very CUBE: DEFENDER OF THE POLYVERSE feel, love it

terraco says ...
Apr 30, 2014 @ 11:09pm

Nice cave game.

blockbot says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 12:36am

An fps tower defense is kind of genius. This reminded me of the early days of 3d games, nice work!

Penguincat says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 3:07am

Fun game! I didn't see a benefit in buying the weaponless tower segment, but if the segments were different prices that could make for an interesting compromise between wanting to build the tower a.s.a.p. versus waiting until you could buy more helpful (and expensive) segments. As it is, though, there's still an interesting choice to make between arrows/cannons each time, and the dynamics change nicely once larger waves start showing up. Nice work! :)

vladimirdlc says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 3:50am

Cool game! I enjoyed this thoroughly.
It would had been a nice touch some music effects, I liked the idea of overlapping 'towers', the graphics were functional, but can be improved, specially the GUI.
After all, pretty solid and fun entry.

angelk says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 7:40am

I like this! It's like dungeon defenders. I like the simplicity of building a single tower with all defenses in the middle. Graphics are cool, although the enemies stand out a bit as not fitting in with the resot of the style (though they're good enemy models! just different from the environment). Very nice work.

timtipgames says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 12:06pm

The cave setting created a nice mood and I enjoyed the game mechanics very much. Reminds me of sanctum which is a game I also dig. The overall graphicstyle is nice and the music suits well. Good job!

Xaychru04 says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 3:11pm

Yay, I beat the game! But those spiky things killed me at wave 19... I really enjoyed the game, it kept me playing for like half an hour! Nice visuals, the changing music was cool, and I liked the arena/tower-tower-defense gameplay. Solid entry! :)

Techblogogy says ...
May 1, 2014 @ 5:34pm

Really nice game

ezolotko says ...
May 3, 2014 @ 12:56pm

This is a fun game. I like how you added FPS aspect to tower defense.

MintArcade says ...
May 4, 2014 @ 8:54am

Great game. Nice visuals. Very good progression difficulty.

May 4, 2014 @ 2:34pm

Nice idea and ambiance but I think you should rethink the GUI, to condusing. And I dont know if its only my case, but you should lower mouse sensitivity.
Solid entry anyhow!

May 4, 2014 @ 6:08pm

I really like the tower idea and mechanics but i think the game was too easy

DonovanWu says ...
May 6, 2014 @ 6:19pm

Great game!

Zerkruemler says ...
May 7, 2014 @ 10:02am

Nice game. Good graphics and music. Somehow difficult after level 8 or so, since the game is missing overview. The player health is soon too low and it is too expensive to fill it up again. A little better balancing would be cool.
Due to a bug I was able to buy all tower pieces on the second attempt without spending any money.

Jiggawatt says ...
May 7, 2014 @ 7:10pm

Streamed this. It's an interesting new take on the tower defense genre, but I still felt like the gameplay wasn't involving enough. There weren't really any decisions to make apart from spamming projectiles (past the upgrade screen of course). Also, the 3D environment made it hard to sense the enemies, felt like they were just sneaking up on me. Could've used some sort of indicator for approaching enemies. But it's alright, upgrades make any game better.

pichifino says ...
May 10, 2014 @ 4:02pm

Great game

shadow64 says ...
May 11, 2014 @ 2:01am

I thought the tension here was nice and you really created a well designed game. The music was pretty good, I would've liked some sound effects.

My only other suggestion would be maybe a radar of some kind? There were so many times when I only knew I was being chased after I was hit.

In terms of balance. I think it would be better if you could actually run away from the little spinners. I was kind of sad that there was nothing I could do once they were on me. They eventually did me in with very few steps left. Wish I had beat it, though so that's a good sign.

Thanks for sharing and thank you again for rating/playing my game! :D

edibletoaster says ...
May 11, 2014 @ 10:20pm

Pretty cool. Some interesting things I saw:
Liked how you had to really worry about the ones that attacked you directly. Also how thinking about the structure early on could decide how the game plays later on.

Not sure if it was just me imagining things but it seems that the arrow ones may have been the best choice always for offensive tower rings?

Regardless, really fun game

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