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by jerombd - 48 Hour Compo Entry

LEFT+RIGHT to play
SPACE to start

"You are Charon : you have to bring a soul across the Styx."

It's a (basic) labyrinth with a dozen of rooms.

(edit 12/23/2013)
Post-LD version... with better graphics and SFX!

If you're lost in the labyrinth, check this 100% spoilers map: ;)

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ehtd says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 3:32am

I got here because of the graphics, great job! Too bad it was a short game.

mcapraro says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 4:16am

The graphics are really beautiful here. well done with them. i didnt really get way the game worked, it wasnt super clear. the look is great though

kyyrma says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 2:07pm

Let me start off by saying that the graphics are amazing! Unfortunatenly I have no idea how the labyrinth is supposed to work. I just go back and forth between left and right, but I have no grasp on the logic. I guess you just have to memorize the right turns?

jerombd says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 2:31pm

Well, the gameplay seems too confusing, sorry guys :/
Let me explain this:
Each room have 2 exits: to your left or to your right. Each exit can be a dead end (so you can go back to the previous room), or the right path, in which case you CAN'T go back to the previous room. But there are 2 exits at the end of the labyrinth where you can go at 2 previous room (basically , there are loops).
And in two places you will have to find 2 objects to "open" more rooms.

burgerdare says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 3:55pm

not 100% sure what's going on...

01010111 says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 11:04pm

Very confusing, but worth the effort to complete. Loved the art so much, cool sound as well.

IHateATMFees says ...
Dec 16, 2013 @ 11:33pm

Could not figure out how you get around. However, the graphics are exceptional!

phi6 says ...
Dec 17, 2013 @ 12:08pm

Agree with most people here, not sure how the labyrinth works. But the graphics and sound? Proper retro - love it!

Mase says ...
Dec 17, 2013 @ 4:08pm

You have such an excellent grasp on this Spectrum look. Very beautiful. Nice text style as well.

Zemmi says ...
Dec 18, 2013 @ 2:22am

Agree with everyone that this art is gorgeous. Well done. Would have been cool if there was some graphic in the background of each room so it was easier to figure out where I was going. Although having nothing to go on but latin and some guess-work kinda fits being lost in the River Styx.

Kyle Mac says ...
Dec 18, 2013 @ 3:13am

I agree completely with kyyrma. The graphics are amazing but I'm not sure what's going on with the gameplay.

AlexVsCoding says ...
Dec 18, 2013 @ 10:03pm

1. Love the graphics - gave off vibes of the monsters off Ghouls n' Ghosts. Took a little bit of time to figure out the mechanics but once I got the hang of it was a nice little adventure venturing the depths of the underworld.
2. The initial audio is a little painful as I was wearing headphones.
3. Whilst I had no idea what the words were written but they fitted the theme and were unique enough to get a rough idea for directions.

Nice little puzzle worth the extra time to figure out. Thanks for making this!

porglezomp says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 12:24am

Pretty interesting, I really like the graphics, but it took me a while to figure out how it worked. I suppose it fits the mood of the river styx, but I felt like I was fumbling about randomly for most of it.

Magdev says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 12:39am

radicool ZX beepin.

Lissar says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:45am

Absolutely adore the retro style you have here. Definitely needs more explanation about how to play the game at the beginning though!

Katamori says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:55am

Confusing, but as I read comments, it's damn deep! It gives me a kind of surreal feeling since the game has no sound effects and almost everything is black.

I love this sh*t!

madlee says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:01am

Awesome graphics, and interesting concept. I wish I could say that I took a more intelligent approach to solving it, but I really just went back and forth forever until i won. I still enjoyed it, though :)

Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:33am

Very confusing (like a labyrinth) but I like a lot of your choices.

SiM2SiM says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:23am

Great game, loved the graphics.

AtomicVikings says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 8:29am

Nice Art but not much a game I think. Can I only go left and right and read the text?

lasagnegames says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 10:15am

Wonderful graphic art, interesting game, simple but clever idea. It's not confusing at all.

Diptoman says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 11:11am

Those are some cool retro graphics. But yeah, I found it confusing at first too, but found the explanation in the comments. I guess the confusion arises from the fact that if you move to the left room and back to the right, you're supposed to arrive at the previous place, which was not the case here. Showing an entrance of some sort in the center/ more directions could've been helpful.
But the game's still really cool.

somepx says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 12:33pm

I just loved this entry - so well made I could cry!!! :O
Excellent work, C2 buddy! :)

Jilt says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 12:50pm

Made it to the end ! That was cool, I took notes and it was not so complicated when understanding how it worked. Really like the experience and the aesthetics ! :)

blackmagic says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:01pm

Interesting, the design is well made, it lacks some feedback to give the player satisfaction to progress in the maze.

jerombd says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:35pm

thank you for the constructive comments!

@katamori: "It gives me a kind of surreal feeling since the game has no sound effects and almost everything is black." exactly^^
@blackmagic: "it lacks some feedback to give the player satisfaction to progress in the maze." right! I should have added some SFX!
@Diptoman: "Showing an entrance of some sort in the center/ more directions could've been helpful." great idea!
@Jilt: "I took notes" yeah, I think it's the bet way to resolve the maze^^

fizzhog says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:21pm

Like this a lot. Short and sweet, made me smile.

ittlebit says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:54pm

The art was wonderful. The dead ends are well done. I guess I second everyone else that there could be a little more feedback on location.

veiadoida says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 4:01pm

love the art, it's beautiful. i speak Portuguese, so all titles made ​​huge sense to me, didn't have to take notes or nothing like that. anyway, a great game :)

Erik Örjehag says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 5:10pm

The graphics are great! It didn't feel like I could influence the game though, which was sad. I also liked the tune in in the beginning and some music during the game would have been nice!

Jgpicatoste says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 5:41pm

I got to agree: I felt like I couldn't influence the game. All other aspects were really great.

wademcgillis says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 6:33pm


jerombd says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:31pm

If I have time this weekend, I'll post an updated version, with more stuff; I hope it will fix some gameplay problems.

madflame991 says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:32pm

One of my favourites so far. The art style goes hand in hand with the story and the Latin. I really enjoyed playing this and my only wish is that it had taken me more than 5 minutes to finish.

cacciatc says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 7:47pm

Cool! My high school Latin classes are finally paying off!

Dec 19, 2013 @ 8:03pm

Simple game, reminded me a bit of four scepters by Benjamin, in LD26. I like figuring out this kind of puzzle (even if in poorer games it turns out to be a waste of time). This one was quite nice, I wrote down the Latin in different rooms to solve it and could even translate some of it. No idea whether I was supposed to do anything with the cyclops though.

Is there a hidden meaning to the Latin or is it just for the atmosphere?

nka says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 8:42pm

Great atmosphere. I love this kind of pixelart. Not quite sure in what way theme was utilized here, but well done anyway!

jerombd says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 9:12pm

@ Dining Philosopher: "Is there a hidden meaning to the Latin or is it just for the atmosphere?" just the atmosphere really! I found the Latin phrase used at the end, and just decided to keep this gloomy mood all allong.

@nka: "Not quite sure in what way theme was utilized here" well, this is a labyrinth, with only one final exit. ... yeah, the theme is slightly used here

irma vep says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 10:03pm

amazing graphics and a very nice font!

GFM says ...
Dec 19, 2013 @ 10:32pm

Wow. The fact that you made a 2D labyrinth, by itself, is pretty amazing! Great use of the theme!

And I liked the simple color palette and the retro graphics a lot!

This wasn't as hard when I started using those lines to map the labyrinth. Then I was able to navigate (somehow)... xD

Dec 19, 2013 @ 11:03pm

Love the aesthetics.

drkrunk says ...
Dec 20, 2013 @ 12:02am

The graphics were pretty cool here, I enjoyed the simpleness of the game. Good job.

rogueNoodle says ...
Dec 20, 2013 @ 3:10pm

Beautiful art - very stylish. the gameplay itself didn't grab me, although the idea of a 2D labyrinth is a very cool concept and I'd love to see it expanded with a bit more to do. Overall, gave me a Simon's Quest vibe, which is a really good thing.

goerp says ...
Dec 20, 2013 @ 4:29pm

I loved the graphics and for me no more explanation was necessary, because after a few turns you realise it's not just left/right.
Nice music in the beginning.
I found it so special I decided to check out some of your older entries, and I like the stuff you make!

But I have no idea where the them comes in.

rincewind_cz says ...
Dec 21, 2013 @ 4:54pm

Wow! I enjoyed this really deeply. I don't think that movement in labyrinth is confusing too much (maybe little on the beginning, but I've found the principle very soon). But this is very unique game, I'm glad I found it and was able to play&rate this :-) Really good job.

rnlf says ...
Dec 22, 2013 @ 1:51am

It looks really amazing, but I didn't understand it. Needs more explanation.

Also you're using latin texts on a greek themed game ;-)

jonask says ...
Dec 22, 2013 @ 1:38pm

Beautiful graphics, but a bit too simple gameplay. Good job :)

bitslap_ says ...
Dec 22, 2013 @ 1:58pm

Came for the art, its great. Gameplay was not fun but i beat it anyway. Fun latin.

Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:17pm

Haha! One of the prettiest games this LD, love the ZX spectrum feel! Lovely lovely game, top marks!

Dec 22, 2013 @ 2:17pm

Ah and of course I remember you from Nosferatu <3

Moosefly says ...
Dec 22, 2013 @ 9:30pm

The setting and visuals were interesting. Compered to them, the gameplay could've been better though. At the moment it felt like a warped interactive picture book more than anything. Still, an interesting experience. Good job!

jerombd says ...
Dec 23, 2013 @ 1:10am

@rnlf "you're using latin texts on a greek themed game" Right XD but I thought (false-) Latin will be more understood than Ancient Greek

@Christina thank you!!

@Moosefly: "At the moment it felt like a warped interactive picture book more than anything." yeah, I wasn't very inspired by the theme :/

postmodestie says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 8:40pm

Nice atmosphere, superb retro gfx!

kalth.streil says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 8:41pm

I came here because of the graphics, nicely done :). The gameplay is a little bit confusing and the story is quite short. I liked it though, great job!

Eddy93 says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 8:47pm

Like everybody said: You did a good job on the graphics.
Didn't really understood what to do in the game

Pol says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 9:35pm

The post-compo version does a rather good job in being less confusing than the initial version with the transition, but they are a little bit long. Apart from that, I like the idea, and the graphics are realy amazing.

Sestren says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 9:47pm

I love the visuals and the small details like the Latin names for every room. I feel like the idea has potential to become something much, much bigger if there were more to the game mechanically.

mcc says ...
Dec 24, 2013 @ 9:50pm

Neat :O I love the art and how real and spooky-feeling the world it built felt.

I think I got, and I actually liked, the forking-maze "mechanic", the problem I had with it was that you didn't really give us a way to effectively "experience it as gameplay". That is, there was no way from one particular scene to guess what the next two scenes were going to be. Even building a mental map— something I am not sure I would have considered super fun, but would have made more sense— was difficult because so many of the scenes were identical and devoid of non-Latin landmarks. Basically, what your design rewards was just trial and error random search until one found the room they were looking for. TBH I did enjoy, in a sort of anti-art way, stumbling lost and hopeless and at best able to tell— sometimes— "oh, I've been here before". But I didn't feel like I was given a lot to do. This is the one thing I would have maybe tried to improve on.

I could not figure out what if anything the harp did. (Did it break the gate in the one room?)

The post-compo version did not work for me. If I have the graphics filter on everything is just blocks. Also the transition animation is MUCH TOO SLOW for a game which rewards lots of trial and error. (And I actually sort of liked the dead silence and voidy emptiness of the original.)

Dec 24, 2013 @ 9:51pm

Nice game ! Beautiful graphics, nice door animation ! Love it very much, remind me of prince of persia from the 80'. Great job !

jerombd says ...
Dec 25, 2013 @ 2:34am

@Sestren "the idea has potential to become something much, much bigger if there were more to the game mechanically." Yes! It could become an adventure game if I add a real plot (something like the Orpheus & Eurydice story)...

@mcc "The post-compo version did not work for me. If I have the graphics filter on everything is just blocks."
I played the game on Chrome/Firefox/Opera and I didn't have problems :/ But I know WebGL FX (used by Construct2) could cause problems for some browsers, so that's why you can deactivate all the new FX ;)

"I could not figure out what if anything the harp did." !SPOILER! The harp opens a new exit into the Sphynx room !SPOILER!

"Also the transition animation is MUCH TOO SLOW for a game which rewards lots of trial and error." Right! I will put the little musics into the rooms, it will reduce the time spent to look at the transition door animation (.... and yes, it's a hint to Resident Evil^^)

"And I actually sort of liked the dead silence and voidy emptiness of the original." I might consider adding an option to deactivate the musics too!

Thank you again for all your kind and interesting comments!

stvr says ...
Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:46am

Sort of a hyper-minimalist labyrinth? I had to look over the comments before I "got" it, but I supposed with enough guesswork I would have figured it out. Beautiful graphics, and actually a cool idea (that could use some more signposting)!

GaTechGrad says ...
Dec 25, 2013 @ 8:00am

I liked the retro graphics and overall weirdness. I couldn't really tell if what I was doing had any impact on the outcome of the game, or if the words at the bottom of the screen had any meaning.

Dec 25, 2013 @ 10:00am

Super game! I love almost everything, the graphics, the chiptune music, great job and great mood!

Muciojad says ...
Dec 25, 2013 @ 10:32am

Very good graphic, but same game quickly became boring ;)

lilinx says ...
Dec 25, 2013 @ 9:11pm

the whole idea of a puzzle is that you need to figure out how it works. I guess people just get lazy. The game is just perfect in this compo version, charming graphics, I like the use of latin, and very interesting idea of a 2d labyrinth. Took me maybe 5 minutes to finish... People just being lazy after trying so many games I guess. I really liked the last animation, when you finally notice this little flame and understand what it was. Most of it I like that you didn't say too much. Really great.

ezolotko says ...
Dec 26, 2013 @ 9:32am

I loved the ZX Spectrum graphics.

local minimum says ...
Dec 26, 2013 @ 5:12pm

You did really well on the graphics, but shouldn't the text have been in Greek? I think an added explanation initially for how the labyrinth works (I got the hang of it, but it was really hard to navigate), and maybe UI-map to assist. Further, to really make this game fly, I think each room needs to add some to the narration - so that the game tells a story...

jerombd says ...
Dec 26, 2013 @ 7:22pm

@local minimum: "but shouldn't the text have been in Greek?" well, Charon is a common character to the greek and latin mythology. And there is more chance that people are able to "decipher" Latin words than greek alphabet ;)
"...maybe UI-map to assist" I don't think it' useful: after all, if you see the map I just posted into the description, you see this is a very basic labyrinth.

havana24 says ...
Dec 28, 2013 @ 9:22am

Outstanding visuals. Congrats! :)

rubna says ...
Jan 1, 2014 @ 1:46pm

Nice game! Post-Mortem REALLY fixed a lot! Good job man!

Piat says ...
Jan 4, 2014 @ 8:09am

Dem graphics, fantastic blend of classic aesthetics mixed with modern fluid animation. Interesting concept, could definitely go further with its style.

Piat says ...
Jan 4, 2014 @ 8:12am

After playing the new version, I personally enjoyed the original colour pallet and some of the lack of detail. The addition of the gates giving the player a better understanding on whats going on was a welcome addition.

BradleySmith says ...
Jan 4, 2014 @ 11:06pm

Love the old school pixel art style, definitely an interesting idea too. :)

Ludipe says ...
Jan 5, 2014 @ 8:52pm

Hi there fellow construct user! :)

I loved the graphics, they are completely awesome but you should work a bit more on the gameplay design.

Jan 6, 2014 @ 10:48pm

Beautiful game, would love a longer experience so I could spend ore time in this world

Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:39pm

Very good job indeed ! Love the graphics...

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